Why Choose Echoworx

Echoworx is best known for its managed encryption services which protect confidential information from unauthorized viewers and makes the encryption of digital information easy.

Today Echoworx encryption products can be found on every platform—mobile, desktop, gateway, cloud—and are integrated to work with a single enterprise managed identity. Organizations in regulated industries are relying on Echoworx to help them comply with HIPAA, GLBA and the like.

Organizations that are not in regulated industries recognize that protecting confidential information is a best practice.

Echoworx products are powerful for the enterprise and easy to use for the end user.
Echoworx is deployed in nearly 30 countries and 20 languages, we use standards-based PKI, X509 certificates, they are part of the Apple, Microsoft Root CA program, and is Webtrust audited by Deloitte.

Echoworx is the encryption service provider of choice for Symantec, AT&T, Verizon, BT, Intermedia and Clearswift among other global resellers.

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At Echoworx we know that competing with our partners is not the right way to do business and maintain a healthy profitable relationship with the channel


Echoworx offers some of the top discounts in the encryption space, even allowing for an up-front deal registration bonus on every closed opportunity for all levels of partners


Resellers can choose how they would like to work with Echoworx and the end user. They can either choose to receive recurring revenue annually from their customer. Alternately Echoworx can own and support the customer directly. To help you make the right decision for your organization one of our Reseller Directors is available to discuss both options with you.


This online deal registration process is an easy way for you to keep us informed of which organizations you own, this way, when the deal is closed there is no confusion about ownership, and you receive a registration bonus because at Echoworx we like to reward our partners for keeping us in the loop.


The fastest way to get your sales team up to speed is with the Echoworx Data Security and Privacy Certification program. This program includes a study guide and questionnaire, is fully customized to each partner and can be found online. All graduates receive a certificate in the mail.