A Realistic Look at Email Security

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You know you need secure lines of communication. But do you know where and how to apply email encryption for optimal data security? How do you maximize implementation and value – while balancing protection for your brand, business and customers?

Here are some ways to add some more muscle, value and effectiveness to your email data protection efforts:

Protection for any scenario

Whether you’re sending millions of e-statements or just sending a sensitive document, not every encrypted message is the same. Look for an encryption platform which offers a customizable user experience for both senders and recipients. People do not come in a one-size-fits-all version. Get more delivery options.

Personalized secure communications

If your organization operates internationally, there’s a high chance that English might not be the mother tongue of some of your customers. Offering encrypted communications in the language of your users helps eliminate confusion and is just good customer service. With Echoworx, for example, you can set language policies which can automatically be applied to encrypted communications based on sender, brand, locale or receiver attributes.

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Simplified processes

Encryption may be hot but actual implementation is not. Echoworx data finds that only 40 per cent of organizations who have encryption capabilities are actually using them throughout their organization. Making data protection in email a consistent path of least resistance is a good non-intrusive way of encouraging everyone, inside and outside your organization, to communicate securely.

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More ways to deliver email

If a TLS connection isn’t available or supported at the receiving end, there are only two outcomes: receiving an error or sending a message unprotected. Supporting multiple secure delivery methods offers effective fallback options – ensuring sensitive information is always able to be sent and is never sent unprotected.

Different ways to authenticate

While a one-time-password encryption method is secure, the password itself is only as secure as how it is sent. In other words, if both the one-time-password and the encrypted message are sent to the same mailbox, there’s a lot of trust being put into the security of a recipient’s device or email inbox. A natural solution to this issue is access to more authentication options including: Full OAuth Access, Self-Registration, Shared Secret Passphrase, SSO, System Generated Verification Codes and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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