Customizable encryption expands omnichannel customer engagement

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It’s a customer-first world, and to effectively engage, win and keep customers, you need secure, reliable and easy to use digital services – including encrypted communications.

Today’s digital world is an omnichannel one. The best possible customer experience reaches them where they live and breathe, and how they want to be engaged.

Omnichannel customers, 60 per cent of all consumers today, use multiple devices for touchpoints across their journey. And these touchpoints must complement each other, not compete, according to Deloitte.

To address this, any customer-facing solutions must be flexible and consistent, across multiple devices and platforms.

Digital services demand customer trust

Providing customers and employees with the best possible digital service includes giving them a secure environment they can trust. Salesforce learned from its “State of the Connected Customer” research, that topping the list for business improvement, is trust. Adding, an IDC study shows 80% of customers will dump a business after a breach impacting their personally identifiable information.

Bar chart showing degree of business improvements generally needed according to customers. Trustworthiness 60% major need.

Poor technology experiences become poorly used or unused technology. Supporting this, Gartner learned that 96% of disloyal customers had high-effort experiences, compared to only 9% with low-effort experience. For large organizations with customers numbering in the millions, offering secure custom lines of communication can be overwhelming, quickly becoming a multi-channel nightmare.

An Echoworx survey confirms, most companies find it challenging to address all business use cases requiring encryption – with over half blaming a poor user experience as the roadblock.

Survey bar chart What are the biggest end user roadblocks to using an email data protection tool? 51% unintuitive user experience

It’s all about building a better experience

This is where advanced encryption capabilities offering customizable options play an important role. The formula is simple: More encryption options mean more ways to communicate which leads to more deliverability, better experiences and, ultimately – staying ahead of the competition.

In recent years, especially the last one, many organizations stepped up their efforts, adopting digital tools to better meet the demands of a changing workforce and connected customer base — and to meet them anywhere and everywhere.

A good example of this, a major Scottish bank, needed to send out time-sensitive information regarding customer mortgage plans. Due to the urgency, they could not rely on physical mail. Their existing portal-based communication option could effectively reach customers instantaneously, but jurisdictional and regulatory requirements disqualified this as a viable option. Under regulations, any mortgage-related information, containing personal customer details, must be made available either on paper or in another durable medium.

Leveraging Echoworx’s Secure PDF attachment delivery option, the bank could quickly pivot to a secure non-paper method of communication – permitting customers to access and store the document for future reference – securely from any device. With Echoworx customizable encryption, sending encrypted attachments were just another option available for the bank to select.

A common misconception is that email encryption cannot be easy without sacrificing security. Echoworx recognizes the reality that data protection must be consistent across devices and, importantly, easy to use.

Echoworx expands omnichannel customer engagement

Echoworx supports the flexibility and consistency needed to address the emerging omnichannel customer. With features enabling, increased mobility and passwordless experiences, intuitive, self-service document exchange capabilities and the automation of encryption processes.

Echoworx Senior Director Market Intelligence Jacob Ginsberg comments that security is a matter of design, and putting user experience forefront, improves protection and drives customer engagement. In this regard, many organizations are still using encryption solutions of yesterday, even with the demand to deliver trusted omnichannel experiences.

Echoworx offers eight ways to deliver secure email, support for 27 languages and seven authentication options demonstrating its commitment to providing a customizable platform designed with today’s connected customer in mind.

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