How to Ensure Only Intended Recipients Can Read Your Secure Message

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We’ve all done it: You hit ‘send’ on a message only to notice a mistyped email address. But what if the email contained sensitive information, like a bank statement? What if it’s enough to get you reprimanded or, worse, fired?

Even if the unintended recipient offers to delete the message, how can you guarantee they followed through? How do you know they didn’t sneak a peak before deleting your wayward message?

You need to know this won’t happen to you. You need control. Our Echoworx Email Encryption platform can help.

Sender-set passwords for data protected emails

Once a message has been received by a recipient, there is little which can be done to control who sees it. Since even unintended recipients have the potential to view message content, this can pose problems if the message contains confidential sensitive information, like a bank statement or medical information.

With Echoworx Email Encryption, you can set a shared passphrase to access an encrypted email. This encryption password, which can be anything, from a name to a set of numbers, provides effective security for the content you need to protect.

And there are variety of ways to share password information, like password hints or out-of-band options like verbally via telephone, for example. All password options are designed to assure the sender that even if the message is sent to an unintended recipient, access remains protected.

Shared passphrases and password hints

For a password to be effective, it needs to be complex enough not to be guessed but not so difficult as to be confusing for the recipient. Passwords can be based on information already known to the recipient like an account number, for example, or provided by the sender along with a password hint. For added security, complexity requirements can be enforced by the system.

Selecting the shared passphrase and password hint for a message can be done directly through the Echoworx plugin for Microsoft Outlook or the Outlook Web add-in. Passwords can also be set by a subject keyword from any device or email generator application. Any previously set passwords can be retrieved or checked by the sender through their ‘sent’ emails.

System generated passwords for sharing sensitive information

As another option for assuring an even higher level of protection for sensitive information, a System-Generated Verification Code is another way to set a complex password. With this method, which is available for Echoworx’s Web Portal secure delivery method, a random single-use code is provided to the sender who, as in the case with sender-set passwords, can then communicate this system-generated password to the recipient. Password complexity tends to be increased with this method as the sender is forced to use a unique code for every message and DLP engines can be configured to force this type of encryption delivery.

Other solutions send a One-Time-Password (OTP) to the recipient mailbox immediately following an encrypted message, which is a bit like leaving your keys in the door.

Additional perks of Echoworx’s password options

Sender-set Passphrases and System-Generated Verification Codes are effective ways for organizations to avoid any type of registration process. From encrypting attachments only to entire messages, Echoworx allows you to communicate securely with your customer base without any additional steps – you just communicate the password and they gain instant access. And, with the option to reply securely, this method of seamless authentication provides a complete customer-centric circuit of secure communication.

Eliminate your registration process for secure mail now.

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