Defining the Future of Cybersecurity, Together

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There is an urgent need for corporate decision makers to adopt a mindset which takes into account the reality of email vulnerabilities… or face the potential consequences.

Cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues that companies face in today’s e-environment. In all of its facets, cybercrime continues to increase, and emails are, and are expected to remain a #1 target for cybercriminals. Many organizations focus cyber security on guarding against external attacks but ignore potential threats to emails and through emails – which can be significantly more destructive.

Theft of confidential data for corporate espionage, the disclosure of trade secrets to a competitor and/or the release of private health information to the public can all be gained from email. It is estimated that by 2019, corporate email accounts worldwide will exceed 1.3 billion. With the huge volume of emails going in and out of the company, the risk of breaches that organizations must mitigate for are great. Moreover, according to research done by Echoworx, highly regulated industries, like oil and gas, healthcare, and finance are prime targets for email security threats.

There is an urgent need for corporate decision makers to adopt a mindset which takes into account the reality of email vulnerabilities… or face the potential consequences.

Take the DNC hack for example. If email encryption was used and policies effectively enforced to trigger secure messaging, the severity of the breach could have been minimized. There was a time when email encryption was very complicated for a company to implement throughout their organization. But, times have changed.

Through email encryption, businesses can now:

  • Secure digital communications while growing your corporate brand
  • Improve customer service
  • Increase efficiencies and lower operating costs
  • Increase speed, performance, function
  • Enforce regulatory compliance
  • Prevent data loss, mitigate risk

Taking a Look Back: Cybercon 2016

Echoworx, being a strong believer of world-class email encryption participated in Cybercon 2016, which was held in the City of Atlanta, to discuss the evolving issues affecting cybersecurity and the role we all play in data security.

In fact, Echoworx was one of twelve companies selected from across the world to participate in an invitation-only product pitch session during Cybercon 2016.

“We are delighted to have such a strong and diverse group of both foreign and domestic cybersecurity companies participating in this unique opportunity to tell their stories to leading professionals in the security industry,” said Justin Daniels, the head of Baker Donelson’s Atlanta Emerging Companies Group and the Baker Donelson Cybersecurity Accelerator. “With most of the presenting companies coming from outside the U.S., this is truly an international event and highlights international recognition of the robust cybersecurity ecosystem of the Metro Atlanta area.”

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