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07 Mar 2018

Encryption, helping address GDPR compliance

As of May 25, 2018, all companies dealing with personal data in the European Union (EU) must be employing a high level of security to safeguard EU citizens’ information. Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), companies that aren’t taking adequate measures in protecting the data of those residing in the 28 EU countries (prior […]

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26 Feb 2018

Is there a certainty to security?

The choice between Protection + Prevention vs Detection + Response is an illusion. As security practitioners, we all learnt that defence in depth was key. Yet we focused too much on defence as just a wall or line that would protect us. This type of thinking has been proven to be insufficient time and time […]

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06 Jun 2017

Solving the Encryption Conundrum in Financial Services

Encryption has gone mainstream. Back in 2016, WhatsApp announced that it would encrypt all users’ communications. While Apple stood their ground on encryption against the FBI. In one fell swoop, these two companies shifted the user base of strong encryption from what most believed to be whistleblowers and journalists to almost three billion people worldwide. […]

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19 Apr 2017

Closing the Paperless Billing Gap

In today’s real-time, always-on culture, users want to receive important documents faster than ever. Whether bank statements, healthcare records, or even legal documents, consumers want information at their fingertips. As a result, electronic, or paperless, billing has emerged as a viable solution to the need for speed in information delivery. When introduced more than a […]

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12 Apr 2017

Encrypt, Educate and Empower to Minimize Attack Risk

Encryption is critical to protect your organization’s valuable data and ensure your operations run smoothly. But with the threat landscape constantly evolving, your company can still be vulnerable to attacks or data theft. How can you ensure your organization’s encryption solution stays ahead of attackers and that your systems won’t be breached? “You have to […]

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