Success Stories From Real Customers

See how your peers are leveraging email encryption for real business success.

Multinational Insurance Company Offers Language Localisation Across 16 Countries. Increasing Customer Loyalty

Multinationals use Echoworx to increase customer loyalty

To maintain compliance based on country-specific laws, the bilingual format of any encrypted message would need to be automatically chosen according to the geographical location of recipients, leading the insurance provider to engage Echoworx. This case study walks you through their challenge to solution.

Top U.S. bank emails over 20,000 secure documents an hour, with room to grow. Increasing Core Business Profits

Leading banks use Echoworx to increase business profits

With millions of secure eStatements a month to send, lack of sufficient multilingual support, capacity issues and the management of multiple email encryption solutions, this organization’s challenge was daunting. This case study walks you through their challenge to solution.

U.K. bank modernizes encryption, seamless to millions of customers. Improving Business Performance

Companies switch to Echoworx to improve business performance

This messaging team was tasked with integrating legacy on-premises email encryption systems — acquired through mergers and acquisitions — into a centralized cloud-based solution. This case study walks you through challenge to solution.

U.K. bank easily enhances critical communications during pandemic. Business Continuity

Organizations rely on Echoworx for business continuity

With thousands to communicate to using email during a pandemic, while satisfying regulatory demands — this group needed a solution fast. This case study walks you through their challenge to solution.


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Echoworx protects the privacy of people and businesses throughout the world by making email data protection easier. Making our solution distinctive – with Echoworx customizable encryption, it pays to be secure.


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