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Multinationals Localizing Languages Switch to Echoworx

The challenge: increasing customer loyalty

The messaging team at a large multinational insurance company was tasked with configuring their secure communications to comply with jurisdictional language laws applicable to business lines operating in a country with two official languages. Among other stipulations, these laws stated that customers residing in this country had the legal right to be communicated to in either of the country’s two official languages.

The challenge was to create a system where initial secure communications to unknown recipients located in this country would automatically be made available in either language– without impacting the user experience of other international business lines.

The Solution

Multinational uses Echoworx to communicate with clarity

  • Multilingual support for up-to 27 languages

    This enables companies to communicate sensitive information clearly and accurately in a language-agnostic manner, without affecting the encryption user experience and to meet any jurisdictional language laws.

  • Professionally translated interface to ensure user experience is not affected by language selection

    The UX is tailored for a streamlined encryption experience, from the length of words, to offering options for the addition of any legal or region-specific product information to secure footers to employing proper regional dialects.

    Setting language policies is a simple process: If communicating in any one of several languages, a suite of base languages can be made available for an unknown recipient to adjust their encryption user experience. This ensures instructions, buttons and other functional attributes of a secure message are understandable regardless of preferred language.

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Policies may be set for language to be assigned according to a domain.

For example, Echoworx can be configured to assume that recipients with addresses ending in ‘.ca’ reside in Canada – and adjust any initial contact to include language options for both French and English, the country’s two official languages. For a superior user experience, selected from a convenient drop-down list, recipients can also choose another language of preference, and their choice is preserved for future secure correspondence.

From a UX perspective, the Echoworx user interface is essentially a fixed system. The user experience stays near-identical, regardless of language or if language localisation is chosen automatically according to pre-set policies.

The Result

Multinational offers language localisation increasing customer loyalty

With the Echoworx email encryption platform, service offered in both required languages became seamlessly identical.

This ensured compliance with country-specific language laws, without impacting the communication experience for either customer-type. At the same time, Echoworx ensured the other international business lines were not impacted by these jurisdictional language requirements.

Local language laws aside, the ability to securely communicate information clearly in a multitude of languages was enabled.

This ensured that customers not comfortable in either official language were given an option to receive communications in a manner which suited them – further alleviating the possibility for confusion.

As a large multinational insurance company, based across 16 countries, the ability to communicate sensitive information clearly, consistently in multiple languages is not just an option — it’s also a requirement.

From alleviating confusion to streamlining communications flow, offering multiple language options addressed a clear commitment to meeting the needs of all their customers.

Even subtle differences in spelling, pronunciation or context could lead to confusion and security risk. With a single encryption platform, customers are now able to receive important, sensitive communications in their preferred language.

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Echoworx provides custom branding as a service

“Our old encryption platform offered what we could call rudimentary branding, but what Echoworx did for us was much more sophisticated and included features such as multiple language support."

— Senior Vice President of Engineering in the Finance Industry