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Organizations simplifying IT infrastructure switch to Echoworx

The challenge: improving business performance

The messaging team at a large financial institution was tasked with integrating various legacy on premises email systems, acquired through mergers and acquisitions, into a centralized cloud-based email infrastructure. To accomplish this, the team was not to disrupt any existing PGP-dependent relationships or invest in any additional resources to building and maintaining an enhanced system – a system needing to accommodate five million customers.

The solution would also need to accommodate their existing daily encrypted email volume demands and scale up as requirements increased.

In addition to making PGP encryption available to the new organization, the solution would need to service other popular encryption delivery methods. Encryption methods would need to be chosen and applied based on a list of customizable policies – including jurisdictional rules.

Integration would need to be accomplished in a transparent and seamless manner – for both internal and external users.

Business or service interruptions were not to be tolerated throughout the process and difficulty in managing the solutions were all issues that led the bank to look to the marketplace and ultimately engage Echoworx.

The Solution

Organizations use Echoworx to optimize operational efficiency

  • Migrated PGP to the cloud

    Echoworx handles all the intricacies of PGP – to ensure a seamless experience for the sender not unlike any other delivery channel option. Regardless of what email system is being used, from Microsoft Office 365 to Lotus Notes, the sending experience is frictionless – ensuring the organization can securely communicate with customers.

  • PGP key management was migrated — in bulk — with a click of a button

    Users who had PGP keys prior to the migration are given the opportunity to upload their key pairs securely to the cloud, or to have the system create and manage a new key pair on their behalf. To scale to sudden increases in message volume, Echoworx email encryption is deployed as a high availability cloud configuration. Each instance can process tens of thousands of messages per hour.

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Messages flow securely into a queue, and are automatically encrypted by Echoworx

For increases in message volume, Echoworx encryption can be scaled by adding one or more instances, with email traffic load balanced across all available instances. Or separate message queues can be formed, based on the message source and routing. This enables maximum secure message output without disrupting normal message flow.

The Result

Organizations modernize encryption seamlessly for millions of customers with Echoworx

With Echoworx email encryption, PGP became just another delivery method for the financial institution, with no additional hardware, software or staff required.

Echoworx simply decommissioned their in-house PGP servers and complex desktop software and replaced it with a single consolidated system. Working seamlessly with their existing email infrastructure, senders could now send encrypted messages without any change to behaviour and any impact on user experience. In their eyes, PGP still existed, but was simplified, made more effective and became nearly invisible to the sender.

In addition to its PGP capabilities, the financial institution gained all the benefits of the Echoworx encryption platform – including 27 languages supported out-of-the-box.

The branding capabilities ensured that their recipients understood that the message originated from them and contained secure information, with all instructions in their language. Echoworx also enabled them to handle multiple brands at a time, allowing for the centralized management of a single solution that could be deployed across their different business units.

With deployments in multiple jurisdictions, through Echoworx Security Cloud Services —

they are able to ensure messages originating in the U.K. are not being stored in the U.S. or vice versa, meeting their compliance  requirements. Using one solution, Echoworx email encryption, this financial institution could now communicate seamlessly in the cloud with its customer base via PGP or with other popular encryption methods in use today  – Encrypted PDF, PGP, S/MIME, Web Portal, TLS and Secure Attachment – ensuring no message goes undelivered.

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