Echoworx Adds Secure Bulk Document Delivery, Streamlining Sensitive Business Processes

RSA CONFERENCE – SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Companies and institutions across the globe are embracing Echoworx’s OneWorld encryption platform to ensure their important data is protected. And now by enabling the Secure Bulk Mail (SBM) feature within OneWorld, organizations can streamline their business operations while knowing that their communications are secure.

Echoworx President and CEO Michael Ginsberg says encryption has become part of the normal business process to prevent against data breaches and cyber-attacks and using it to automate processes has been a natural evolution. OneWorld provides organizations around the world with a single, flexible, easy-to-use encryption solution that can be integrated into their existing infrastructure.

“Over the last five years, encryption has gone mainstream, and because of its expanded usage, it’s moving from being an individual, manual process to being part of everyday business processes,” says Ginsberg. “We now have the tools to enable an institution or company to automate the secure bulk delivery of documents by generating personalized emails and then leveraging OneWorld’s multitude of encryption methods and reporting features, taking a heavy load off the institution.”

Organizations using Echoworx advanced encryption platform reap the benefits of being able to communicate with customers and partners quickly and securely. The platform offers large institutions, such as those in the financial sector, new and improved ways to engage customers and increase market share by offering secured services like e-statements. Documents such as financial statements and health records used to be mailed or faxed, but OneWorld’s SBM feature facilitates a paperless system, eliminating the cost and handling of paper transactions and enhancing customer experience.

“The change from paper mail to email is easy for any institution to adopt,” says Ginsberg. “Most consumers would prefer to receive statements by email, but sensitive information has to be kept private, so you need encryption. We added a secure bulk mailer feature at the request of our clients, who asked us to take it a step farther and address the delivery of bulk documents as well.”

While other services limit how encrypted documents are sent, organizations using SBM from Echoworx get all the options and benefits of the OneWorld encryption platform such as multiple encryption methods to ensure seamless communications to a variety of recipients, including TLS, S/MIME or PGP encryption, Secure PDF (full message), Secure PDF with secure Zip files, and Encrypted Web Portal.

Utilizing cloud services, Echoworx is not restricted by physical resources or IT intensive infrastructure maintenance. Their industry-leading encryption platform can be up and running in a jurisdiction within a short time, at an economical cost. To learn how Echoworx is emerging as a global leader in email security, stop by Booth 2019 at the RSA Conference from April 16-20 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.


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