Echoworx Enhancements Eliminate E-mail Encryption Headaches

TORONTO, ON – January, 12, 2015 – Anyone using an e-mail encryption program ─ and title agents and settlement services providers certainly should be ― is painfully familiar with the headaches these programs create, especially for e-mail recipients, who must jump through endless procedural hoops in order to open an encrypted message. Cloudstar has eliminated those headaches.

Enhancements to the company’s popular Echoworx encryption platform allow recipients to pick up an encrypted message with one click —no prior registration, no log-in, and no password required.

About Echoworx

Echoworx brings simplicity and scalability to encryption while assuring its integrity. OneWorld, our flagship solution, is the first smart message encryption platform that makes secure messaging easy and cost effective — designed to adapt to any environment and all forms of encryption.  Our passionate encryption experts transform chaos into order for world leading enterprises and OEM providers who understand the requirement for secure communication is of the upmost importance. Visit us at