Echoworx Secure Mail End-of-Life Information

Echoworx Secure Mail

NOTICE: This product is no longer being sold.

Echoworx's Secure Mail solution is entering EOL

Echoworx has confirmed the end-of-life dates for our Secure Mail product. Customers with active contracts will continue to receive support from Echoworx until March 1, 2021. We created a Frequently Asked Questions page to help answer some of the most common questions about this.

Key dates to remember
  • End-of-life announcement  – July 27th 2020
  • End of support – March 1st 2021

Reap the benefits of upgrading now.

We encourage customers to upgrade to Echoworx’s OneWorld Encryption Platform – designed to better fit the reality of your business, cloud migration plan and global requirements. We’ll make the upgrade easy for you. Contact your Account Manager directly or contact Sales to learn more.

OneWorld Encryption Platform. Our boundary-based high-performance email data encryption service provides multiple ways to protect both inbound and outbound communications so you can meet  the needs of your business today and the bigger picture needs tomorrow.

OneWorld Encryption Platform: One Delivery Method. Provides organizations with the option to select a single secure delivery method from our OneWorld email data protection platform.

OneWorld Encryption Platform: Volume Documents. Designed for intensive demands and mass distribution, this option enables organizations to send virtually unlimited amounts of encrypted documents and secure statements.

Challenges and Solutions

More Message Mobility with OneWorld

As an employee or customer, I need to access secure communications regardless of where I am or what device I’m working on.

But my Secure Mail is currently limited by the software installed on my work computer – constantly requiring passwords just to send and receive my secure messages.

This does not work for my remote work setup and mobile aspects of my job.

With the OneWorld Encryption Platform, I can send and receive secure emails wherever and whenever I want – without having to remember a bunch of passwords.

All I do is click the ‘Encrypt’ button in my Outlook like I always did. But now I can do that from any of my mobile devices, Outlook on the web or my work computer.

Seamless Synchronization with OneWorld

As a company, I need more secure mail functionality, transparency and control, without adding more cost.

But my current license-based setup is too rigid to realistically enable proper scanning of message content for spam filters and email archiving required for legal discovery. And we spend hours resetting passwords and manually provisioning employees.

Upgrading to the OneWorld Encryption Platform was quick and easy and resetting passwords are a thing of the past. Any emails sent within the company now remain in clear-text on the Microsoft Exchange Server – this is critical for retrieval of messages from our email archive. That wasn’t the case 15 years ago when endpoint email encryption solutions like Secure Mail prevailed.

And, since licensing is gateway-based, my costs are less than half the price of Secure Mail.

Features and Capabilities

  • Endpoint encryption hinders scanning of secure message content – for legal discovery, DLS or AV/AS checking
  • Message authentication unsynchronized with either Microsoft Exchange or Windows credentials – requiring additional passwords and manual steps to grant access to secure message content
  • License-based Secure Mail system limited to software installed on single desktop computer – preventing access to secure mail via mobile devices or Outlook for Web
  • Secure delivery limited to portal experience – without options for additional push encrypted message options
  • Gateway-based encryption enabling messages to remain in clear-text on Microsoft Exchange Server for easier scanning of secure mail content for legal discovery, DLP and AV/AS checking
  • Extensive encryption delivery flexibility: Web Portal, TLS (with fallback), Encrypted PDF, Encrypted Attachments Only (PDF, ZIP, MS Office files), S/MIME and PGP making it easy for both senders and recipients to use, particularly on mobile devices
  • 26 language options – including double-byte characters (e.g. Chinese, Japanese) along with a tailored interface to ensure the experience is not affected by selection or customization
  • Flexible authentication options determined by policy, sender or recipient including: Self Registration, Shared Secret Passphrase, OAuth, SSO,  System Generated Verification Code and 2FA
  • Email data encryption for desktop, mobile and web-based applications – for a fully portable and flexible secure communications experience