Echoworx Leads in Recognizing the Consumerization of Email Encryption

TORONTO, ON – October, 27, 2014 – Echoworx (, the leading provider of email encryption solutions, is expanding the capabilities of its flagship OneWorld email encryption platform to include open authorization (OAuth) services, announced today by Echoworx President and CEO, Michael Ginsberg. The new feature becomes available in the first quarter of 2015 and will allow users to authenticate through their credentials-of-choice, including Gmail, LinkedIn, private OAuth services run by large corporations, and more.

Ease of use is paramount to email encryption and many businesses aim to avoid the need for their customers to go to a portal, register, create and remember new logins in order to communicate securely.

“Businesses want to empower their customers to use their own existing credentials from popular web services and applications and to give them the choice of how to authenticate when receiving encrypted emails,” says Ginsberg.

OneWorld is a boundless encryption platform that allows this capability through OAuth for both B2B and B2C communication.

The notion of corporate security has expanded to include a business’s consumers, for whom simplicity and convenience are key. “Today we’re seeing that the growing demand for secure communication, both B2B and B2C, combined with the historical burden of managing email encryption credentials have left many companies scrambling,” Ginsberg adds. “Finally businesses can reach out to their customers securely and expand their use of email without imposing their own security burdens on the recipients.”

Moving forward, this will also address the consumerization of encryption and On Demand needs, allowing consumers to dictate how they receive the secure information. For example, says Ginsberg, “an airline company will easily be able to send tickets and travel information to a one-time customer in a secure email. That particular customer may never have interacted with the airline before, but will certainly be able to conveniently pick up the secure email.”

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