Echoworx Shifts Strategy, Utilises Amazon Web Services Cloud to Meet Demand for Email Encryption Solutions

London, UK – February 29, 2016 – Echoworx, makers of OneWorld, the first smart platform for message encryption, today announced the launch of OneWorld Encryption on AWS Cloud. This is fueled by customers growing demand of geographic jurisdictional security. AWS-Dublin, specifically chosen for its jurisdictional advantage, will be the first region to go live under this new strategy. Additional geographies will be added quickly and simply as demand arises.

Echoworx’s OneWorld Encryption is a policy-based solution that provides an easy way for companies to encrypt email communications and e-statements. Having OneWorld Encryption available in AWS allows Echoworx to provide encryption services directly from its purpose-built platform. This provides customers with the flexibility and control to route their secure communications through one of twelve AWS geographic regions worldwide.

“By utilising AWS, we will no longer be restricted by physical resources or IT intensive infrastructure maintenance, enabling us to be 100 per cent focused how we can help our customers communicate better with the outside world in a secure fashion,” said Michael Ginsberg, President and CEO of Echoworx.

OneWorld allows businesses to easily integrate a single, flexible, easy-to-use encryption solution into their existing infrastructure. With AWS, deploying OneWorld globally will be a basic point-and-click exercise that provides customers the added benefit of knowing that their infrastructure is hyper scalable and truly private.

Compliance and privacy requirements are causing enterprises to consider geographical jurisdictional security a top priority. Pending legislation such as the Investigatory Powers Bill by the UK government and the U.S. anti-encryption legislation are driving enterprises to look for services in geographic jurisdictions they feel can better keep their communications secure. AWS is now certified against more than 20 domestic and international compliance accreditations to accommodate virtually any workload. Providing these options for customers via AWS is a key part of Echoworx’s focus. Ireland’s highly favourable data privacy laws make it a natural fit for Echoworx to offer its services.

“Our customers continue to invest in broadening their range of security offerings, and we are helping them exceed their customers’ high expectations for secure communication,” Ginsberg said. “Compliance and privacy requirements are driving enterprises to make jurisdictional security a top priority and they are looking to us to simply and seamlessly integrate managed encryption services into their existing environment – wherever that may be.”

OneWorld on AWS – Dublin will be commercially available August 1st. For more information, visit

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