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15 May 2017

Cyberattack Impacts, Deeper and Less Visible Than You Suspect

Cybersecurity is one of the most debated issues in any organization. Although the need to immunize your company from all kinds of cyberattacks remains urgent, the full impact of a cyber incident is still largely unproven. Recently I read an article by Deloitte which talked about how difficult it is for executives to gauge the impact of […]

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14 May 2017

You Can’t Stop the Clicks!

Ask the average person on the street what the biggest threat is to enterprise security, and they’ll develop a long list of foreign hackers, corporate espionage, and all types of James Bond-type scenarios. Ask a security professional the same question and you’ll get a much simpler answer: People. Namely, employees. That’s right, the “human factor” trumps […]

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12 May 2017

Combating Insider Threats

When Edward Snowden leaked NSA’s classified documents of their surveillance program, it sent a message out and loud to companies; if an employee can steal sensitive documents from the NSA, an employee can do that with anyone.  The authorized access of employees to a company’s confidential data poses a self-evident risk to its cyber & […]

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28 Apr 2017

How to Protect Company Email From Attacks

Email is one of the most common ways attackers use to infiltrate an organization’s systems and gain access to sensitive data. Email is built into smart phones, tablets, gaming devices and desktop computers … yet not designed to protect privacy or security. Without protections in place, “email is a postcard, not a sealed letter,” cautions […]

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19 Apr 2017

Closing the Paperless Billing Gap

In today’s real-time, always-on culture, users want to receive important documents faster than ever. Whether bank statements, healthcare records, or even legal documents, consumers want information at their fingertips. As a result, electronic, or paperless, billing has emerged as a viable solution to the need for speed in information delivery. When introduced more than a […]

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12 Apr 2017

Encrypt, Educate and Empower to Minimize Attack Risk

Encryption is critical to protect your organization’s valuable data and ensure your operations run smoothly. But with the threat landscape constantly evolving, your company can still be vulnerable to attacks or data theft. How can you ensure your organization’s encryption solution stays ahead of attackers and that your systems won’t be breached? “You have to […]

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29 Mar 2017

Privacy and Security: Why Encryption Should Remain a Priority

Now that cyber criminals are utilizing the very technology we rely on for daily communication, keeping our personal information secure has become more challenging than ever. While access to necessary information to investigate digital crimes is important, so is keeping citizen’s information private. For example, 24-hour security monitoring collects and analyzes personal information with no […]

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26 Mar 2017

Email Security, If Only There Was a Better Way

Email has been around for decades, and remains the mainstay of enterprise communications. Despite efforts within companies to introduce collaborative solutions that reduce reliance on email, Radicati Group reports that the average number of business emails sent and received per employee will actually grow from today through 2019. These emails, of course, often contain sensitive text information […]

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16 Mar 2017

Five Ways Law Firms Can Improve Data Security

Law firm data breaches made international headlines in 2016: Mossack Fonesca in Panama. It has been called the – the biggest leak in history – 11.5 million documents totaling 2.6 terabytes. It resulted in the disclosure of the “Panama Papers,” airing the details of offshore financial activities of dozens of current and former world leaders, business […]

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14 Mar 2017

GDPR: Will You Weather the Security Storm?

You would think that simple and secure communication with employees and customers would be top of any financial services firm’s checklist, wouldn’t you? That the need for confidentiality and regulatory compliance had never been greater? Especially given that financial data has been among the most commonly exposed and stolen in recent breaches. Think again! Our survey last […]

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06 Mar 2017

What Does OAuth Mean to You?

Technically OAuth is short for Open Authorization, but it means different things to different people. Below is a summary of what OAuth means for enterprises and their customers using OneWorld Enterprise Encryption with OAuth. Improved end user experience: one fewer password to remember. Instead of creating another identity for message pickup, users will be able to authenticate with […]

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28 Feb 2017

Digital Document Delivery – Push Forward or Fall Behind

Your customers and partners want to receive their important documents and emails faster than ever before. They want them delivered in a way they can trust and are easy for them to access. And you’re the lucky one who needs to deliver on this. The objective for e-statements, also known as Secure Document Delivery is to […]

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15 Feb 2017

What is SAML?

Today, enterprise employees use a vast number of applications. These applications can be domestic in-house hosted applications or external partner/vendor cloud web applications. Seemingly, the use of the latter is growing day by day. 71% of organizations will be using cloud by end of 2017. -Gartner Security access to the in-house hosted applications is straightforward […]

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