Echoworx Talking Security

22 Jul 2016

Ahead of the Market, Ahead of the Competition

Echoworx has achieved its third consecutive year of more than 30 per cent growth, outperforming market predictions. “As a privately owned innovator at the forefront of the encryption industry we’re proud that Echoworx continues to outperform market expectations,” says Echoworx COO Harry Enchin. “We are uniquely positioned and this has contributed to our company’s exceptional performance.” The global market […]

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27 May 2016

First the IP Bill, Then What?

In the face of democratic debate, against all the clamoring voices of human rights organizations, global tech firms such as Facebook and Google, lawyers, journalists, and a host of academics; it seems that with regrettable flippancy, the Investigatory Powers Bill will be passed later this year. The UK government’s plan for mass surveillance opens the door […]

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13 Apr 2016

Unlocking Encryption Key Management

Any encrypted communication is only as secure as the keys used by the system that locked them. If the keys are compromised by hackers, negligence or other means, then any communication using those keys can be decrypted. So how can these keys be protected? According to a recent Ponemon 2016 Global Encryption Trend Study, 67 per […]

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07 Apr 2016

The Apple Hack: A Problem Engineered to Protect Us

The FBI got around ordering Apple to cooperate in breaking its own security, but when the next case arises, and it will, should the company refuse to help, the outcome will have far reaching implications. Regardless of the fact that the FBI found a way around ordering Apple to assist the FBI in cracking the […]

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08 Feb 2016

Security and the Path of Least Resistance

Physics says that the path of least resistance is generally the one that most people take. If we contextualize this by looking at how humans have evolved, adapted and figured out how to survive, it’s easy to understand why. Like any other living creature, we had to conserve energy when we could in order to […]

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13 Jan 2016

Looking for a Secure Email Solution?

Here are five of the most important factors to consider when looking for a secure email solution: 1. Usability Can the sender easily send secure email without any extra steps? Sending an email is a behaviour all of us do automatically; introducing encryption shouldn’t hinder this process. Likewise, the recipient should easily be able to open the […]

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04 Dec 2015

Cryptography from the Afterglow of the Big Bang

Physicists have proposed the use of cosmic microwave background, or CMB, radiation power spectrum as a random bit generator for symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography. The CMB is thermal radiation created shortly after the universe came into being during the Big Bang. The CMB, also known as relic radiation, is the earliest radiation detected. The security […]

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02 Dec 2015

Reliance on Data Residency Is Not Enough

As organizations move their operations to the cloud, they face the complexities and increasing pressures of protecting sensitive data belonging to them and their customers. Not to mention taking into account local regulatory requirements which often limit where data can be located in order to keep it out of the hands and eyes of prying […]

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