Eliminate Registration Process


Registration Process

Eliminate the registration process when
opening encrypted email, using shared passphrase capabilities.


  • Clients are complaining about multi-step registration processes, requiring the creation of passwords and usernames, just to read secure emails.
  • Existing encryption capabilities are making secure communication cumbersome.


To simplify and streamline your encryption user experience, our OneWorld encryption solution features a ‘shared passphrase option.’ With several flexible password options, in addition to OneWorld’s self-service password management capabilities, you can create a frictionless secure message environment by eliminating the registration process.

Here’s how it works: When sending a secure encrypted message, the sender is prompted to enter a shared secret password – this can be a word, name or even series of numbers. To open the encrypted message, the recipient simply enters the shared password set by the sender – allowing a frictionless user experience throughout.

The OneWorld encryption platform’s shared passphrase feature ensures a secure message cannot be read without the correct password information – which may be controlled by the sender. In addition to being more secure, this process helps spur higher levels of trust with your customers – since the shared aspect of message access assures them their most-personal data is literally between you and them.

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  • A secret phrase is shared between the sender and recipient.
  • The sender enters the shared secret phrase during email delivery.
  • Email is encrypted and sent.
  • To open the encrypted email, the recipient enters the shared passphrase
  • Registration process is eliminated.

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