Eliminate Registration Process


Registration Process

Eliminate the registration process when
opening encrypted email, using shared passphrase capabilities.


  • Encryption is making communicating securely difficult.
  • Under tremendous pressure from clients complaining about having to create user names and passwords just to read secure emails.


The OneWorld encryption platform uses its shared passphrase capabilities to simplify this experience.

The process simply requires the exchange of a shared secret phrase between the sender and recipient. When emailing, the sender is prompted to enter the shared secret phrase – this can be a word, a name, or even a series of numbers. To open the encrypted email, the recipient simply enters the shared passphrase, eliminating the registration process completely.

Our shared passphrase capabilities ensure that no one else can read the message because the password is a secret, shared only with the recipient – enabling a higher level of trust with your customers.


  • A secret phrase is shared between the sender and recipient.
  • The sender enters the shared secret phrase during email delivery.
  • Email is encrypted and sent.
  • To open the encrypted email, the recipient enters the shared passphrase
  • Registration process is eliminated.

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