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Encrypt, Educate and Empower to Minimize Attack Risk

Encryption is critical to protect your organization’s valuable data and ensure your operations run smoothly. But with the threat landscape constantly evolving, your company can still be vulnerable to attacks or data theft.

How can you ensure your organization’s encryption solution stays ahead of attackers and that your systems won’t be breached?

“You have to raise the walls on all fronts,” says Jacob Ginsberg, senior director of products for Echoworx.

“A lot of times, you don’t know if your system is breached,” adds Sam Elsharif, vice president of software development for Echoworx. “If you’re a system administrator, make sure you’re using the best tools to protect your system, including the latest patches and fixes given by your service providers. Always make sure your systems are up to date and run scans, monitor your network and follow your best practices.”

Follow Best Practices 

Best practices include following compliance rules, knowing how to properly dispose of and store data, determining who can have access to the network and learning how to detect breaches. Elsharif advises consulting with vendors to be aware of the latest advances in encryption software, keeping updated about networking and security, and reading the news to learn about what new areas hackers are targeting.

Minimize Risk of Attack

Ginsberg suggests these to help an organization minimize risk of attack: “First of all, educate users about proper habits for using email. Next, empower your own IT and security personnel. Empower your experts internally or collaborate with outside experts. It’s a fulltime job to stay on top of the changes that are constantly happening.”

IT personnel should evaluate the security health of the network, the tools deployed and look at the practices of people in the organization, suggests Ginsberg. If user habits are putting data at risk, “it’s a difficult conversation to have, but this can’t be brushed off anymore.”

He says often people get frustrated with tools or procedures and look for a way to circumvent them. For example, they may send emails from their personal cell phones or use their home computers to log on to a company network, which creates risk.

Advanced Encryption is a Logical Solution

While some companies and users may be reluctant to embrace encryption because it used to be difficult to use and slowed communication transfer, that’s no longer a valid excuse. Ginsberg says encryption technology has evolved so it easy for anyone to use it and it works quickly and seamlessly in the background, making it simple to protect sensitive communications.

Seeing is Believing
Join us for a live demo of our email encryption platform – OneWorld. See for yourself how our advanced encryption technology is easy to install, highly customizable and, most essential, simple for anyone to use.

By Greg Aligiannis, Senior Director Security, Echoworx