Tech Talk: Taking PGP to the Cloud

Proven steps to convert on-premises PGP users to cloud users, automatically.

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Slash Your On-Prem PGP Costs


Despite being about three decades old, PGP is not going anywhere soon. You need to continue supporting PGP for a variety of reasons – from preserving existing partnerships to consolidating legacy systems acquired through mergers and acquisitions.

And, given that organizations continue digital transformations at breakneck speed, with survey respondents telling us they plan to digitize all their secure communications, committing substantial amounts of IT resources to PGP is simply not sustainable.

How do you catch your fail? How do you avoid getting caught in the technology undertow?

Pain Points

Echoworx Email Encryption enables businesses to consolidate their complicated dedicated or legacy encryption infrastructures into a single Cloud based offering. Echoworx, not only ensures your organization is secure – we ensure it pays to be secure.


With Echoworx, PGP is one of eight delivery options. Alongside PGP, Echoworx supports a full suite of email encryption methods, including: Web Portal, TLS (with fallback), Encrypted PDF, Encrypted Attachments Only (PDF, ZIP, Office XML) and S/MIME.

This section takes you under the hood to explain the integration and mail flow process.

User Experience

Over half of survey respondents told us that impact on the user and their is experience is a major concern. Echoworx ensures your email data protection doesn’t come at the cost of an excellent user experience. The transition is seamless, without any impact to current user processes. See for yourself.

This section walks you through the user experience and demonstrates the like-for-like transition.

Key Management

Echoworx uncomplicates complex key management through its secure centralized admin portal. Administrators can easily migrate all keys and certificates securely into the Echoworx system, individually or in bulk. Key pairs may also be created and managed on-demand.

Take a look.

Enabling PGP

With Echoworx organizations can enable PGP with a click of a button. It really is that easy. Support for PGP is included and ready to go out-of-the-box.


Echoworx ensures a seamless migration of PGP to the cloud. As a managed SaaS provider, Echoworx does all the heavy lifting for you including, from all service configurations to full onboarding services. And our self-serve setup ensures no interruption to your existing PGP customer relationships – eliminating stress on your internal help-desk and requiring no change in process or additional training.

Take a look.

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Great product and excellent support

“Echoworx is a very customer centric organization and my overall experience has been very good. We have used them for the past 10 years and have never run into any major issues.”

— Principal Product Manager, Global Partner in the Manufacturing Industry

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Great people to work with and a fabulous product. Best in market!

"The team supporting our organization were exceptional in their support and responsiveness to our requirements. Developments that could be accommodated between releases were initiated swiftly and to the required quality."

— Cyber Security Project Manager in the Finance Industry

Rated 5 out of 5

We have a fantastic relationship with Echoworx

"They make the set-up and use of their product very simple and are always available to assist us with queries or issues."

— Product Management in the Healthcare Industry

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