Trends Shaping Email Security

A new email security study, commissioned by Echoworx and conducted by Forrester Consulting

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Improved Email Security Starts With Greater Usability

This survey, conducted among global managers with decision-making responsibility, examines how future-thinking email security strategies are evolving and the shift to include user experience as a primary pillar.

With most organizations experiencing malicious attacks, data loss, and email breaches within the year, what needs to be done to protect communications to increase revenue and build customer trust?

Download the study now to learn more about:

  • How a flexible approach to email encryption builds customer trust and business revenue
  • Key factors significantly impacting security strategies
  • Why companies are seeking specific capabilities to further mitigate risk

Next Steps: Go in Depth

Echoworx and guest speaker, Forrester, dive into the data in this exclusive webinar

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Different encryption methods were huge part of our decision to invest

“Echoworx’s different encryption methods were a huge part of our decision to invest in them. If we didn’t have that list of encryption methods and the user could not choose what they wanted, we probably would have needed to use multiple point solutions to have the same functionality.”

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Great people to work with and a fabulous product. Best in market!

"The team supporting our organization were exceptional in their support and responsiveness to our requirements. Developments that could be accommodated between releases were initiated swiftly and to the required quality."

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