Country-Specific Message Control to Meet Multiple Jurisdictional Rules

Sensitive data doesn’t stop when it hits the border – and neither should your email data protection.

Geographic Control

All data in transit is subject to the applicable jurisdictional requirements of any touchpoints encountered along the way – like the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With data centres in Canada, Ireland, the UK, Germany and the US, Echoworx empowers you to decided where your data goes and how it is processed.

  • Ensures language-agnostic message deliverability
  • Maintains jurisdictional compliance
  • Supports 27 languages
  • Offers a customized experience

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Security Assurance & Certification Programs

  • Echoworx is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • FSQS Registered
  • Microsoft Trusted Root Program
  • Apple Certificate Program
Rated 5 out of 5

Great product and excellent support

“Echoworx is a very customer centric organization and my overall experience has been very good. We have used them for the past 10 years and have never run into any major issues.”

— Principal Product Manager, Global Partner in the Manufacturing Industry

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