PGP Encryption/Decryption Cloud Integration

Modernizing legacy on-premises PGP and S/MIME encryption/decryption to a single cloud integration is a priority for today's large Enterprise IT departments. Echoworx makes it easy.

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Watch this demo to see the migration and cloud certificate encryption capabilities of the Echoworx platform, leveraging our fully managed services.

Certificate Encryption/Decryption in the Cloud

Echoworx enables the seamless migration of PGP and S/MIME encryption to the cloud by integrating all activity, including auto key generation, digital signing and signature verification, into one fully managed platform.

With Echoworx, PGP and S/MIME are ready out-of-the-box, enabling organizations to quickly activate this capability.

  • Eliminate on-premises costs
  • Reduce maintenance and overhead
  • Modernize and consolidate technology
  • Increase adoption and stop workarounds

Security Assurance & Certification Programs

  • Echoworx is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • FSQS Registered
  • Microsoft Trusted Root Program
  • Apple Certificate Program

Echoworx Cloud Integrated PGP Encryption in Action

With fully managed cloud services, Echoworx quickly enables PGP encryption/decryption in the cloud without disrupting business processes or negatively impacting existing users. Integrate all your secure message and document use cases, including PGP and S/MIME, into one encryption platform.

With Echoworx Email Encryption,  PGP keys can be uploaded individually or in bulk.

With Echoworx Email Encryption,  PGP keys can be uploaded individually or in bulk.

PGP keys can be uploaded individually or in bulk with Echoworx Email Encryption.[/caption]

Manage Keys and Certificates With Echoworx Email Encryption

The Credential Management Console allows administrators to perform the following operations out-of-the-box:

  • Import a Private Key
  • Import a Public Key or Certificate
  • Bulk-Import PGP Private Keys
  • Generate a Private PGP Key
  • Generate Bulk Private PGP Keys
  • Send Bulk Invites for Uploading Private PGP Keys
  • Send Bulk Invites for Uploading Public Keys
  • Deactivate a Private PGP or S/MIME Key
  • Download a Key
  • Delete a Key

For External PGP Users – It’s Business as Usual

With Echoworx, external PGP users receiving your messages simply decrypt and reply as they normally would. The reply is detected by the DLP as inbound PGP where it is routed to Echoworx and decrypted with a managed private key. Custom headers and footers can be added to inform your external PGP users that the message was decrypted.

Screen shot of incoming PGP encrypted message

Recipients simply receive an encrypted and signed PGP message and decrypt it as normal.

Screenshot of Echoworx PGP Sending Experience

For employees, the integration of PGP to the Cloud is transparent.

No Additional Steps or Special Software Are Needed for Employees

For employees, PGP migration to the cloud is transparent. No additional training, steps or special software are required. Internal users can automatically trigger PGP encryption through predetermined DLP rules or specified sender action, like adding a trigger word to a subject.

With Echoworx, the sender can be notified when the message is successfully encrypted and sent.

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