Take PGP to the Cloud

Without hassles and without business interruptions.

Get More Delivery Options and Better Customer Service — With Less Hardware

Echoworx makes the complex migration process of PGP to the cloud simple. No additional training. No additional software or hardware required. And, for maximum ROI, our customizable encryption platform offers numerous delivery methods alongside PGP, including Web Portal, S/MIME, PGP, PDF, Attachment (PDF, Office and ZIP) and TLS with fallback.

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  • Migrating PGP to the Cloud

    Discover the cloud migration and certificate encryption capabilities of the Echoworx Encryption platform, integrating all encryption workloads into one comprehensive platform.

Modernize Encryption Without Business Interruptions

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Unlock Simplified Key Management in the Cloud

With the Echoworx Email Encryption Platform, PGP key management can be easily migrated to the cloud – with no interruptions to existing PGP relationships. Users who have PGP keys prior to cloud migration are given the opportunity to upload their key pairs securely into the Echoworx system – individually or in bulk. The system may also be set up to create and manage a new key pair on their behalf.

What’s different about Echoworx?

  • Bulk key transfer service

    Simply upload both private and public keys in bulk with a click of a button.

  • Ongoing HTML support for PGP and S/MIME

    As part of our ongoing PGP and S/MIME service, Echoworx has re-added support for HTML. This support is conditional on the message providing a valid cryptographic signature – generated in cleartext. Failure to provide a valid signature triggers Echoworx to remove all HTML from the encrypted message.

  • Consolidated credentials management

    Echoworx offers a consolidated credentials management system – where third-party credentials for decryption and certificates for encryption can be viewed, added and deleted in one place. When messages are being sent through the encrypted mail gateway for encryption/decryption, Echoworx will first check for credentials that have been uploaded to the credentials management system. There, users can perform the following operations:

    • Import a Private Key
    • Import a Public Key or Certificate
    • Bulk-Import PGP Private Keys
    • Generate a Private PGP Key
    • Generate Bulk Private PGP Keys
    • Send Bulk Invites for Uploading Private PGP Keys
    • Send Bulk Invites for Uploading Public Keys
    • Deactivate a Private PGP or S/MIME Key
    • Download a Key
  • More ways to brand – ensuring message authenticity

    Effective email data protection doesn’t need to come at the cost of an excellent user experience. With support for 27 languages and extensive control over branding, Echoworx Email Encryption assures recipients of message authenticity.

Stop Your Encryption Headaches

Analyst Business Fit Report on Encryption for Decision Makers Seeking Investment Success

Rated 5 out of 5

Different encryption methods were huge part of our decision to invest

“Echoworx’s different encryption methods were a huge part of our decision to invest in them. If we didn’t have that list of encryption methods and the user could not choose what they wanted, we probably would have needed to use multiple point solutions to have the same functionality.”

— Senior Vice President of Engineering in the Finance Industry