Leverage Single Sign On


Single Sign On

Use existing account logins to retrieve secure messages.


  • Require authentication and access to the secure emails.
  • Need to remove lengthy registration process.


From streamlining internal communications to simplified registration processes for your customers, there are many reasons for wanting to adopt a Single Sign On (SSO) solution for secure access to encrypted messages. But, without a registration process, authentication and secure access are no longer possible, right? Wrong.

Using our OneWorld encryption platform, you can remove the registration process for your customers entirely – without sacrificing the security or encryption of a sensitive message. By leveraging industry-standard protocols, like Security Assertation Markup Language (SAML) or Open Authorization (OAuth), we are pleased to offer SSO. Using existing user-IDs and passwords, customers may login to your organization’s site to access secure messages. Secure messages are sent encrypted according to pre-set custom policies defined internally.

This feature, which enables frictionless access to secure messages sent by your organization, improves customer experience, enforces security policies and helps to drive user adoption. As our world moves to all things digital, SSO is not just an option to be considered, it’s an important part to consider for any encryption strategy. A flexible solution needs to be exactly that and, in addition to our full suite of secure delivery methods, offering SSO is just one other way you can make encrypted communications more accessible for your customers.

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  • Recipient receives notification of a secure message delivery
  • No links included
  • Recipient visits existing customer portal to login
  • Secure message is ready in portal for pickup

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