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What Does OAuth Mean to You?

Technically OAuth is short for Open Authorization, but it means different things to different people.

Below is a summary of what OAuth means for enterprises and their customers using OneWorld Enterprise Encryption with OAuth.

  • Improved end user experience: one fewer password to remember.

    Instead of creating another identity for message pickup, users will be able to authenticate with their existing credentials for popular web services and applications.

  • Improved service adoption, alleviating apprehension against “yet another registration” process.

    Users sometimes are reluctant to pick up their messages from web portals because of the registration process.  OAuth eliminates this step all together, making it more convenient for users to pick up their secure message.

  • Better mobile access.

    Instead of having to register on a mobile phone which can be tedious at times due to the small screen real estate, a user can simply use his / her existing credentials to authenticate

  • OAuth to public OAuth modes (Gmail; LinkedIn, etc) along with self-registration.

    As OAuth gains even more popularity, other public OAuth services will be included into the mix

As the email encryption market has evolved and expanded beyond B2B to B2C, OneWorld Enterprise Encryption delivers simplicity and convenience by leveraging OAuth for full support of Single Sign On (SSO). Users no longer have to go through a registration process or create and remember new login credentials in order to communicate securely.

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By Paul Jong, Architect, Echoworx