Protect the Collaborative Exchange of E-mail

Securely send and receive e-mail with anyone, anytime, anywhere

OneWorld Encrypted Webmail

OneWorld Encrypted Webmail

If your business is like most, you rely on email as a vital tool to communicate and collaborate. But it can be vulnerable, so it’s important to have a solution in place to safeguard against leaks of confidential or sensitive data.

All confidential email, regardless of destination, can be secured.

Whether your users are in the office, or using mobile iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices on the road, sending, receiving and sharing sensitive data is easy and secure with OneWorld Encrypted Webmail. Client and business partners can exchange encrypted e-mails easily and can be confident that their communications are protected.

OneWorld’s Encrypted Webmail provides secure email collaboration:

  • Works with anyone, anywhere
  • Gives confidence for compliance, and ease for IT management
  • Supports your brands, custom look and feel of messages and portal

Features & Benefits

Access Anywhere

In the office or on the road, users easily exchange secure e-mail with anyone, even those outside the organization network. Simply signing in with their social network credentials.


Centralized Management

Track every single message that has been processed. Detailed searchable reports identify important information such as e-mail opened, viewed for how long, forwarded, and recalled.


Brand Identity

The powerful web-based administration console helps you control the look and feel of your message pickup portal, along with notification and activation e-mails.


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