Reduce PGP Complexity

Using PGP On-Premises?

Time to evolve - take it to the cloud

You’re already working in the cloud and your business is operating in a digital environment, but you’re still running PGP for data protection in-house. Time to move on.

Echoworx is an industry leading email data protection specialist with roots in PKI. Our OneWorld Encryption Platform makes the complex migration process to the cloud simple. No additional training. No additional software or hardware required. And for maximum ROI, it offers numerous delivery methods alongside PGP, including Secure PDF, S/MIME, Web Portal, TLS and Encrypted Attachments.

Migrating PGP should make your life easier, not more complicated

  • Simply upload both private and public keys individually or in bulk with a click of a button.
  • Automatically lookup certificates in other public LDAP servers.
  • And, create on the fly sender PGP keys to use for communicating back to your organization – when needed.
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“We were using two different email encryption solutions and the expense was tremendous. Our infrastructure was complicated, and managing and upgrading the platforms was a task that really should have been done by a set of dedicated resources.”


Senior systems administrator, municipality

Why migrate your PGP encryption to the cloud

Our lives, in and out of work, are intertwined with email. As the threats to it continue to advance, the simpler the protection solution has to be. This is driving security teams to eliminate islands of complex legacy solutions built and acquired over the years.

PGP is resource-intensive, CPU specifically, and hosting this system in-house requires dedicated software installed on every work station as well as the IT resources to manage it.

Make key management easier:

  • Simplify your email encryption and key management systems by taking it to the cloud
  • Streamline operations using less hardware and IT resources
  • Reduce your cost of delivering services
  • Drive productivity by offering more flexible delivery options including domain based PGP
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Customer Success Story

Moving on-premises PGP encryption to cloud
without business interruptions

How a challenger bank’s security forward focus and encryption modernization directives became their competitive advantage.

The 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Email Security is published, and we’re in it.

We’ve seen exponential increases in remote working environments, a trend expected to continue. This is leading more organizations, like yours, to make the move to the cloud – but is also helping to fuel business email compromise (BEC).

90% say the way their data is treated reflects how they are treated as customers. And when customers don’t trust businesses with their personal and private data, they will switch to a competitor. –

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges of protecting the confidentiality and integrity of email messages and the documents contained in them – and provides recommendations for overcoming them.

Be among the first to read it.


Success stories from real customers

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Critical Communications
in the Eye of COVID-19

Our goal is to demonstrate how Echoworx makes migrating complex PGP systems to the cloud easy.

If you would like a personalized demonstration or have questions, let us know. Our team can tailor a demonstration and the discussion around your specific needs.