Reduce PGP Complexity


Complexity of PGP

Consolidated email encryption into a
single, scalable cloud-based platform.


  • Need to integrate a cloud-based encryption solution with an existing legacy messaging system.
  • Seamless migration of PGP to the cloud – without disrupting existing users.
  • Want to centralize encryption key management.
  • Need to scale encryption output to accommodate increasing secure messaging demands


A flexible consolidated email encryption experience begins with a single infinitely scalable cloud-based platform. With our OneWorld encryption platform, migrating and eliminating an on-premise PGP environment, including bulk encryption key creation and certificate management, is possible. The migration process, which can include thousands of PGP accounts, is quick and seamless – with no additional training or software installation required.

In addition to its intricate support of PGP, OneWorld offers a whole suite of flexible secure delivery methods ensuring your encryption user experience, and that of your customers, is frictionless. Alongside PGP, users of OneWorld may leverage the encryption experience of Secure PDF, S/MIME, Web Portal, TLS and Encrypted Attachments in up to 22 languages and under multiple brandable options.

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Another point to consider when uploading an existing PGP environment to a cloud-based encryption platform is jurisdictional awareness. When data is uploaded to the cloud, an organization needs to know where data centres are located to comply with geographically applicable privacy rules and regulations. With data centres located in Canada, the UK, the US, Ireland, Mexico and Germany, and customizable policy options available for geographical segregation, OneWorld is equipped to keep sensitive data local and compliant.

Learn more about migrating your PGP to the cloud.

Everything that happens between receiving, encrypting and delivering secure messages occurs automatically in a fully scalable environment.


  • Simply upload both private and public keys into the OneWorld LDAP.
  • Lookup certificates in other public LDAP servers.
  • And, create on the fly sender PGP keys for recipients to use for communicating back to your organization – when needed.

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