Reduce PGP Complexity


Complexity of PGP

Consolidated email encryption into
a single, scalable cloud based platform.


  • Need to integrate with an existing legacy messaging system.
  • Migrate PGP email to the cloud – without disrupting existing users.
  • Want to centralize key management.


With our OneWorld encryption platform, migrating and eliminating an on-premise PGP environment, including bulk key creation and certificate management is accomplished simply and transparently without any additional training or installation of software on any desktop. PGP is simply another delivery channel. OneWorld encryption handles all the intricacies of PGP along with access to half a dozen additional encryption methods including, Secure PDF, S/MIME, Web Portal, TLS and Encrypted Attachments.

Everything that happens between receiving the message, encrypting it, and delivering it happens automatically in a fully scalable environment.


  • Simply upload both private and public keys into the OneWorld LDAP.
  • Lookup certificates in other public LDAP servers.
  • And, create on the fly sender PGP keys for recipients to use for communicating back to your organization – when needed.

Ready to migrate email encryption to the cloud?