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Improving email encryption efficiency – safely and simply

Must-have features to consider

With the digital age a reality for all types of businesses, you may be concerned how you can keep pace while improving your efficiency and customer service … without negatively impacting business.

Email is a critical component of doing business. You want assurance that sensitive data is secure from leakage and that you are meeting regulatory compliance. Encryption is the answer, but not all products are created equal.

What features should be on your product wish list?

Multiple delivery methods

Multiple delivery methods

You want a product that can be configured to automatically utilize multiple delivery methods. Imagine a solution that offers six delivery methods (TLS, PGP, S/MIME, Encrypted PDF, Encrypted ZIP), five of which can ‘push’ data to improve customer service and halt fraudulent activity quickly, benefiting your company and your customers.

You want a product that makes intelligent decisions to encrypt messages and attachments based on the recipient’s ability to decrypt the message, or based on message content. And that works across multiple devices.

Encryption as a Service

Encryption as a Service

You prefer a simple, secure solution. You want to deliver documents, statements and bills via email to your customers, knowing that the data is protected and that you are meeting compliance regulations.

Ideally, a solution should completely integrate into your unique business infrastructure. It would provide support for any type of statement and could be deployed at your premises or hosted elsewhere with a secure tunnel to your company.

What if you could offer encryption as a solution to your brokers? Their clients wouldn’t have to have encryption if the brokers provided it as a service … hassle free, with no training required.

Ease of use

Echoworx Ease of use

Your administrators should be able to easily define and enable email policies to reduce risk of data loss.

You want a solution that won’t interrupt employee workflow or require time-consuming training. Senders shouldn’t have to think about how to get encrypted data appropriately delivered to recipients. A policy-based system should make those decisions intelligently for them, while operating in a way that’s transparent.

It should be easy for recipients, too. They should be able to view documents on any device without having to leave their email system, log into a portal and remember a unique PIN. Statements should go directly into customers’ inbox.

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