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Ensure privacy, build trust quickly, seamlessly

Your need for confidentiality, regulatory compliance, efficiency and simplified delivery of email security solutions has increased significantly. Headline stories of high profile data security breaches appear with alarming regularity and email is often the weak link. Financial Institutions’ C-suites are looking to better serve their customers and business partners by implementing bullet-proof protection for internal and external email communications.

Echoworx’s OneWorld email encryption secures your communication directly with customers, employees and partners.

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You can integrate OneWorld’s cloud-based service and seamlessly secure email communications across your organization in just days, not months. Your implementation and maintenance costs are reduced because it runs in the cloud, not in-house. There is no need to install or maintain any on-premise hardware or software, and the OneWorld platform takes care of the complex digital certificate and encryption key management.

Encryption Simplicity Increases Business

Protects email in a way that’s transparent to users. Provide secure two-way email communication for statements, loan applications, insurance forms, or securing sensitive documents for regulatory compliance. Emails are encrypted and digitally signed by simply clicking a button in the existing email application your users already use. The highly customizable policy-based encryption engine not only automatically encrypts emails based on your specific definitions, it prevents confidential information from being modified, intercepted or sent to the wrong people.

Makes Compliance Easy

Makes Compliance Easy

OneWorld scans for keywords, regular expressions, lists, and attachments that contain GLBA, PCI and SOX relevant content. Once content has been identified as regulations oriented, the outgoing message is automatically processed with standards-based encryption. Its ability to use many encryption standards makes both the sending and receiving experience extremely simple, yet highly secure. Most importantly, all data, at all times, will reside within PCI compliant, SSAE-16 data centres.

Ponemon Institute found that 61 per cent of employees send unencrypted confidential information through insecure email channels.

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