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If your company or organization routinely deals with sensitive or confidential documents, you may already have email encryption system in place to protect email data.

But it may not be as user-friendly as it should be, not adaptable to your specific needs or works in a way that will carry your business forward in this digital age.

One strategic technology trend that businesses can’t afford to ignore is “context-rich systems.” These systems have the ability to understand their users and craft experiences unique to them.

Echoworx’s OneWorld Encryption is such a system. Here’s how it can help improve your operational efficiency.

Policy based encryption, flexible delivery


OneWorld allows administrators to easily define and enable email policies to reduce the risk of data loss. Policies can be configured to scan email content, subject and attachments.

What sets OneWorld apart is its ability to be configured to automatically utilize up to six push encryption methods (TLS, PGP, S/MIME, Encrypted PDF, Encrypted ZIP) as well as the web portal pull encryption method. It makes intelligent decisions to encrypt messages and attachments, based on the recipient’s ability to decrypt the message, or can be configured to enforce encryption based on the message’s content. Senders no longer have to think about how to get encrypted data appropriately delivered to recipients.

As business evolves, your OneWorld encryption adapts with you. And OneWorld will automatically ensure compliance with regulations without end user or IT staff intervention.



No matter how large or small your business is, One World’s customizable system easily adapts to your business’s needs, regardless of size. OneWorld is the only encryption platform in the industry that can help you support your brand or brands through policies, text, and images that control the look and feel of your message pickup portal, along with notification and activation emails.

Mobile Optimized



OneWorld Recipient Experience

OneWorld Encryption is an affordable, turn-on-and-manage service. Our cloud-based service allows you to secure email communications across your organization in a matter of days. It’s quick to set up and transparent to users. Whether your users are in the office, or using mobile iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices on the road, sending, receiving and sharing sensitive data is easy and secure from wherever they are.

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