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Improve Productivity with Exchoworx Solutions

The digital age is profoundly changing the way we do business. If your business or organization is like most, you are embracing power of technology to help drive profitability and differentiate your business. You and your staff are looking at how to leverage social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to keep your business relevant and better serve your clients.

Email remains as an essential tool for businesses and organizations in the digital world. But it can be vulnerable, so it’s important to have best practices in place to safeguard against leaks of confidential or sensitive data.

OneWorld email encryption can help you protect your valued communications while achieving better productivity in the workplace and lower costs.

Email/Webmail solutions:

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OneWorld encryption provides a simple way to implement a best practice email encryption process. All email, regardless of destination and complexity, can be secured so there’s no need to incur the cost and time required to send sensitive and confidential documents by courier. Client and business partners will receive documents promptly and can be confident that their communications are protected.

Work with the mobile workforce:

Work with the mobile workforce

OneWorld’s cloud-based system is quick to set up and there is no on-premise software or hardware to manage. It quickly scans all email content and attachments to ensure it adheres to your company policies, in a way that’s transparent to your employees. No action is required on users’ part to encrypt a confidential email, so they can use email as they always have. In the office or on the road, employees can send and receive encrypted emails through desktop computers or any mobile devices. Customers and partners will also be able to safely communicate with your organization anytime from any device.

Measure ROI and track compliance:

Measure ROI and track compliance

Regulatory compliance can be costly and time consuming. Echoworx can help your organization take the right steps to conform to all major regulations. With OneWorld encryption, you can be assured that sensitive emails are being sent securely with a compliance-driven reporting engine that can be audited.

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