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Enabling encryption, easily and transparently

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OneWorld Enterprise Encryption

Your clients and partners demand email encryption that fits the way they already work, one that works on the devices they already use. They’re not going to change their methods, so you need to deploy a solution that allows workers to continue doing their jobs exactly as they want to. Get all that and more, while maintaining control over sensitive data being emailed from a broad range of desktops, smartphones and tablets.

OneWorld encryption is a turn-on-and-manage service using a simple point-and-click interface enabling you to manage the organization’s entire encryption infrastructure from one central location that can be customized to your unique processes.

OneWorld email encryption gives you the control…quickly:

  • Simple deployment requires no end-user training
  • Always-on email encryption for zero user impact
  • Credential management included
Rapid Deployment

OneWorld Encryption Policy

Deploy quickly, with no upfront investment in hardware, software, or IT resources. You can then manage everything, enterprise-wide, with a simple point and click interface. The web-based policy manager helps you define rules to ensure encryption is applied by scanning email headers, subject, body, and attachments. If a phrase triggers a policy, the message is automatically encrypted and sent using one of six flexible methods deemed best suited for the recipient without disrupting workflows. Encrypting email content using defined policies means encryption decisions are completely transparent to users.

Credentials Managed with Ease

OneWorld removes the complexities of your key management. There’s no need to deploy expensive PKI or X.509 Certificate Authorities. It’s all done for you in the Cloud, drastically reducing the cost of your PGP implementation. You can easily manage user credentials by issuing, revoking or suspending credentials as required. OneWorld also allows enterprises to easily add their own private, public PGP, or third party S/MIME keys into the system and allows your end-users to do the same.

Message Logging and Reporting

Message Logging and Reporting

You get web based real-time reporting, auditing and logging of messages. Easily track and confirm that messages have been encrypted, sent and read, with robust reporting to satisfy compliance requirements.

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