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Inbox delivery of bills, documents is what customers prefer

Encrypted documents ensure safe e-mail delivery

Encrypted documents ensure safe email delivery

In this rapidly changing digital world, customers want their documents, statements and bills delivered directly to their inbox. But they want assurance that their personal documents are secure and that it can be trusted.

E-statements and documents offer advantages for companies too. It’s costly and unwieldy to manage paper communications. Adopting paperless communications can be part of your company’s best practices to ‘go green’ and can lower document delivery costs.

But dealing with mass distribution of electronic documents safely can pose a challenge. Echoworx has the solution, providing you with the ability to securely send confidential documents, statements, invoices and bills directly to customers’ inboxes within minutes.  OneWorld encryption mail services interfaces seamlessly with the multiple systems your company uses for document delivery and adds an additional security layer.

Here are the reasons why the OneWorld encryption platform makes sense for your business.

Achieve compliance, protect data loss

Regulatory compliance can be costly and time consuming and rules change frequently. OneWorld Encrypted Documents ensure your organization is taking the right steps to conform to all major regulations. Its PKI-driven e-mail encryption platform offers unparalleled encryption technology, bypassing the need for multiple investments.

Reduce communication and servicing costs

encryption and delivery

OneWorld’s sophisticated document encryption engine will help you deliver bulk statements via e-mail to your customers, eliminating the need for paper statements and reducing delivery costs. It offers complete integration into your unique business infrastructure and support for any type of document. It can be deployed on your premises or Echoworx can host it for you and establish a secure tunnel to your company for transmission of e-mails with confidential documents attached.

Simplify the process, be secure

Recipients can view their documents on any device without leaving their e-mail system to access them. Instead of having to log into a portal, remember a unique PIN, and then view their statement, the OneWorld encryption platform delivers PDFs converted from your statements directly into customers’ inbox. This keeps you from having to store and retain all of that data and simplifies the process for you and your customers. The encrypted PDFs are fully branded to have the look, feel and functionality that corresponds to your company. And your customers are assured that their personal information is secure.

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