Your Environment: Risk & Compliance

Protecting sensitive data is ongoing challenge

The right encryption can improve efficiency, save time


Protecting your company or organization’s sensitive data from leakage while achieving compliance can be a complex challenge.

As a compliance/risk officer, your schedule is busy. You may be short of resources and it may be difficult to achieve all you have to and find the time to get more involved with data loss prevention strategies.

Training and awareness can only go so far when it comes to protecting data; technological solutions are a must-have to eliminate the chance of human error. E-mail encryption is no doubt an essential part of your strategy if you are dealing with sensitive information such as patient medical records, financial or credit card data. Having the right encryption can not only mitigate risk and achieve compliance, but help you to become more efficient and be more productive.

Here’s how OneWorld Encryption can help.

Policy based encryption

Administrators can easily define and enable email policies to reduce the risk of data loss and facilitate regulatory compliance measures. Policies can be configured to scan e-mail content, subject and attachments.

Multiple scans are made to ensure the right encryption method is applied for each recipient. OneWorld makes intelligent decisions to encrypt messages and attachments based on the recipient’s ability to decrypt the message, or based on message content.

Centralized management


You can manage your organization’s encryption from one location, from a web-based interface. OneWorld enables corporate-wide enforcement of encryption that’s fully transparent to users. It will automatically ensure compliance with regulations without end user intervention.

Whether your users are in the office, or using mobile iOS, Android or BlackBerry devices on the road, sending, receiving and sharing sensitive data is easy and secure.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting

One World makes for painless audit reporting and monitoring with multi-level authentication. You can recall a message sent to wrong person, have an expiry on passwords, users will know if someone read a message, and when they read it.

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