Protect Sensitive Information

Email encryption is your best defense

OneWorld provides a safe, smart solution

A data loss or leak can profoundly impact your organization’s reputation and competitive standing. It’s vital to protect email communications containing sensitive and confidential data, such as client, patient or employee information and intellectual property.

Email encryption should be a key aspect of your organization’s data loss prevention strategy.

OneWorld encryption allows you to easily secure sensitive or confidential emails, fulfill regulatory requirements and instill confidence in your customers and business partners that your communications are safeguarded.

Here are some of the reasons why OneWorld email encryption provides a smart solution for your business and peace of mind that sensitive data is protected.

Ease of use

OneWorld Enterprise Encryption

Since OneWorld is cloud-based, there is no hardware or software to install, so it’s fast and easy to implement. OneWorld is a “context-rich system” that means it has the ability to understand users and respond to their requests, making intelligent decisions to encrypt messages and attachments using the best possible delivery method, so your employees don’t have to worry about it. Encrypted emails can be easily retrieved even on mobile devices.

Customization and branding

Customization and branding

OneWorld’s encryption platform can help you support your brand or brands through policies, text, and images that control the look and feel of your emails/webmail, along with notification and activation emails. Use any combination of OneWorld engine triggers such as keywords, sender or recipient lists, attachment names, and content types to select the brand on a per-message basis. If you have multiple brands, you can assign a keyword list to specify which branded email to send to recipients. The enterprise administrator can select from a list of available brands for any web portal messages.

Centralized policy management


Administrators can easily define and enable email policies to safeguard against information loss while facilitating regulatory compliance. It’s simple with OneWorld’s intuitive, easy-to-navigate, web-based management console. Email is protected in a way that’s completely transparent to users, who use their email just as they always have. Email is automatically forwarded to the cloud and encrypted if it meets policy conditions, ensuring that sensitive email is always protected. Users also can retrieve email from a pick-up portal allowing for secure email to be easily transmitted to anyone, even those outside the organization network.

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