Supercharge Office 365 E-mail Encryption

Flexible delivery methods, dynamic branding, and superior user experiences

OneWorld email encryption with Office 365

You’ve deployed Office 365 for your organization. It offers a wide variety of e-mail messaging and collaboration features including message encryption options, but you need more. You want a smart e-mail encryption platform that covers all your administrative needs as well as the needs of your users — the best of both worlds.

OneWorld encryption with Office 365 for secure e-mail messaging puts you in control:

  • Flexible delivery methods
  • Dynamic branding options and policy-branding
  • Simple, customizable experience for admins, users and recipients
Advanced User Authentication Policies and Open Standards

Advanced User Authentication Policies and Open Standards

Resource-constrained companies need a solution that will be easy to implement and manage. OneWorld encryption with Office 365 provides policy-based encryption and a variety of open standards-based delivery methods that promote interoperability and ease of use by delivering encrypted messages over TLS, using encrypted PDF’s, PGP or S/MIME keys, encrypted ZIP attachments or to a secure web portal. The encryption method used is automatic, based on policies you define. For example, you could utilize TLS for certain domains, use S/MIME for other specific domains, and utilize web-portal for the remainder.

Dynamic Branding


Your brand is critical to your reputation. It gives external recipients confidence that the e-mail information being sent is legitimately yours. Logo, layout, and colour are all easily and quickly setup using a web-based console – no need for shell commands. Using the policy-based branding features, your multi-division enterprise can now ensure that recipients receive e-mail with the appropriate sub-brand, based on the sender’s domain, active directory attributes, and more.

Flexibility and Usability


Working remotely is now as common as office-work. You need a solution that works on every device in every environment. Imagine being in an airport, getting a mission critical encrypted email on your handheld that can only be decrypted after a lengthy registration process, by downloading an app, or by using an insecure one-time password, because these are the identifiers used to confirm that your are entitled to see the content. Once you are running OneWorld encryption, mobile senders and recipients will appreciate hassle-free, one click message encrypt, recall, and pickup. Secure content is easily viewed with a PDF reader or any iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile browser and sender-created passwords are always communicated out of band.

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