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29 Oct 2019

Encryption is No Longer a Differentiator — User Experience is

Organizations using encryption to secure private data used to stand out in a crowd – and the technology remains a major building block of digital trust. But encrypted communications alone are hardly what makes an organization stand out of a crowd these days. Customers expect airtight security, but they want an excellent user experience – something you need to deliver.

Many encryption solutions use the same algorithms and specs; almost all modern security products feature 2048-bit RSA encryption, 256-bit AES encryption and SHA2 signatures. But not all encryption solutions are easy for your staff, customers and clients to use—and that’s why user experience is now the encryption differentiator.

Prioritize process over product

We recently surveyed IT professionals and IT decision-makers and found that encryption is a priority for most organizations, but less than half of organizations with encryption software use it extensively. This often comes down to user-friendliness; it’s nearly impossible to roll-out a security feature that doesn’t integrate seamlessly into existing workflows. When searching for an encryption solution, carefully consider the processes that come with the product and let a user-friendly encryption experience differentiate you from the competition.

What makes an encryption solution user-friendly?

A great encryption platform is easy for customers and staff to use and easy for organizations to implement.

User-friendly encryption features for clients and staff:

  • Frictionless user experience – Customers and employees tend to take the path of least resistance. Look for an encryption solution that builds security into that path of least resistance.
  • Multiple language and branding options – For international organizations, excellent customer experience includes on-brand communications in your client’s preferred language. Did you know that 79 per cent of people take less than 30 seconds to evaluate the safety of an email? This means off-brand but legitimate emails from your company can easily be categorized as spam, decreasing your organization’s digital trustworthiness. With Echoworx’s OneWorld encryption platform, you can set language policies to automatically apply to encrypted communications based on sender, brand, locale and receiver attributes.
  • Multiple delivery methods – Look for an encryption platform that can deliver messages through secure PDF, web portal, TLS and encrypted attachments and offers S/MIME and PGP support. If your platform offers multiple secure delivery methods with effective (and automatic) fallback options, encryption never gets in the way of user experience.


User-friendly encryption features for IT decision-makers:

  • Definable policies – Definable policies control which communications get encrypted (and how) based on the message content. This is set up during implementation—based on your needs and encryption best practices. Flexible controls for every scenario allow you to create a customizable user experience for senders and recipients and stay in control of encrypted messages in transit and at rest.
  • Secure access privileges – Risk management for insider threats include building a permissions architecture that gives access based on needs and roles instead of having open access to all data. For example, in a healthcare organization, the executive director wouldn’t have the same permissions as a nurse practitioner.
  • Scalability – Your encryption solution should be able to grow along with your business whether you’ve got 500, 5,000 or 50,000 employees.
  • Positive return on investment – With the right encryption solution, your organization can provide a user-friendly experience—and save money. For example, a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study, revealed that a typical enterprise-level organization using Echoworx’s OneWorld encryption platform can expect an ROI of 155 per cent—with upwards of $2.7M in cost-mitigating benefits and a payback period of seven months. Get the full Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study of OneWorld now.
  • Implementation support – Remember how only half of organizations with encryption use it? At Echoworx, we offer account support because we believe that helping organizations understand how encryption fits into their business model means successful implementation and widespread adoption.


At Echoworx, encryption is all we do. If you’d like to learn more about what user-friendly encryption features are best for your organization, contact us today.