Accelerate Onboarding


Customer Onboarding

Keep your onboarding processes compliant and your customers happy


  • Client onboarding takes several weeks to a month, the move to digital customer onboarding has become a priority.
  • Balance between making the process easy to use while ensuring the security of the documents


With our OneWorld encryption platform all your application forms such as, demand accounts, loans, mortgages, and investment transactions can be emailed using our secure PDF delivery option.

Your customers receive a password-protected PDF document directly in their email inbox. Their passwords are created and easily managed through a self-service registration page. Then the applications forms are filled out and securely emailed back. In the past, this back-and-forth was done over standard mail or fax.

Onboarding process is now digital, secured using OneWorld, and completed in a few days versus weeks drastically reducing your document handling costs and the risks of regulatory non-compliance.

Transform client communications with digital onboarding and encryption


  • Receives activation code and sets up account
  • Read secure message in inbox
  • Open attached secure PDF applications
  • Fills out applications and sends back

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