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22 Feb 2021

Gaining Digital Trust in a World Turned Upside Down

When it comes to gaining digital trust, traditional approaches can go topsy-turvy in a hurry. Gaining a customer’s trust is a reward earned only after many years of careful branding, superb service and product quality. And a trusting customer is a loyal customer who you can count on to work with you every time – […]

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05 Jan 2021

Multilingual Interfaces Drive Growth, Says Research

For decades, businesses have internationalized their global operations by adopting English. The gains from this have been real, but recent research suggests they could be even bigger if paired with language preference. Global enterprises need to operate in English. It’s the primary language of technology, finance, regulators, and other major stakeholders. Firms with global operations [...]
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22 Oct 2020

Convert More Customers to Paperless

Ask anyone on the street – they’ll probably tell you paperless digital communications are a good thing. So how do you convince more customers to receive paperless digital communications from your company? And why? It’s complicated. Originally introduced as an environmental saviour, on account of their supposed tree-saving electronic nature, adoption of paperless solutions as [...]
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05 Jun 2020

How to Select Email Data Protection

Organizations continue to place too much focus on feature and function when evaluating security technology. At a time of fierce digital transformation, the distance between technical promise and business impact continues to widen as over 124.5 billion business emails are sent and received each day. When COVID-19 first emerged, many organizations scrambled to find quick-fix [...]
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21 May 2020

Security Shopping Based on the Lowest Bidder

Bang-for-buck is less about cost and more about strategic fit and operational value when it comes to email security Overnight digital transformations in the wake of COVID-19 are pushing organizations to the brink of what their infrastructure can handle. In the case of large enterprises, with thousands of employees and offices around the world, actions [...]
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