How Businesses Integrate and Deploy Email Encryption Using Echoworx

Whether your email infrastructure is hosted by Office 365, AWS, or Lotus Notes, Echoworx seamlessly integrates into your existing system and handles the rest. Discover what to expect during migration and deployment, learn about the activities involved in making your email encryption service operational. Then, arrange a meeting with our experts to discuss your needs in detail. Let’s begin with the following high-level activities!

Step 1: Kick-off Meeting and Project Planning

You’ll be assigned a member of the Echoworx Engagement team. We’ll arrange a kick-off meeting to introduce the project team, set timelines and milestones, and schedule recurring status meetings.

Step 2: Service Configuration Discovery

We’ll collect and verify mail server information and ensure system requirements are met. A service configuration worksheet will be provided to review additional service features. Echoworx offers guidance if needed.

Step 3: Provisioning

An Echoworx deployment engineer will provision your cloud email encryption services. Once provisioning is complete, we’ll provide the technical setup information for integration with your internet email service.

Step 4: Service Setup, Customization, and Testing

Choose the Echoworx email encryption options and set up outbound email rules suited to your business needs. Test emails will be sent to validate sending, routing, encryption, delivery, recipient reading, and secure reply functionalities. Once email encryption is operational, we’ll customize and configure Echoworx to meet your business needs, including branding points, encryption methods, and email policies.

Step 5: Knowledge Transfer

Your I.T. staff will receive operational and application training from an Echoworx System Engineer on managing Echoworx. This session will be scheduled and conducted via conference call and screen share, and it will be recorded for future reference.

Step 6: Transition and Support

An acceptance test based on your specific business requirements will ensure the Echoworx service configuration is ready for production use. A test plan will be collaboratively developed and approved. Echoworx will provide technical support to your Helpdesk team, transitioning support from the Engagement Team to the Echoworx Support Desk.

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