Simple Deployment. Complex Encryption. Rapid Results.

Echoworx Email Encryption is as complex as it is secure – but the complexity of our service isn’t something you need to ever worry about.

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Here’s What to Expect

Your email infrastructure might be hosted by Office 365, AWS or you might even be running Lotus Notes. It doesn’t matter – Echoworx simply plugs into your existing infrastructure and we take care of the rest.

1 – Kick-off meeting and project planning

You will be assigned a member of the Echoworx Engagement team. A kick-off meeting will be arranged to introduce the project team, set timetable and milestones, and schedule recurring status meetings.

2 – Service configuration discovery

Collect and verify mail server information. Ensure system requirements are met. A service configuration worksheet will also be provided that can be reviewed if additional service features are desired. Echoworx can provide aid and guidance if required.

3 – Provisioning

Echoworx deployment engineer provisions your cloud email encryption services. When provisioning is completed, Echoworx will provide the technical set up information to be used for integrating with your internet email service.

4 – Service set up, customization and testing

Select the desired Echoworx email encryption options and set up outbound email rules best suited for your business needs. Test email messages to external recipients are sent to validate sending, routing, encryption, delivery, recipient reading, and recipient secure reply work successfully.

Once email encryption is functional, we proceed with the setup and configuration of Echoworx to meet your business requirements. This can include customizing available branding points, and selection of encryption methods and any email policies.

5 – Knowledge transfer

I.T. staff receive operational and application training with an Echoworx System Engineer on how to manage Echoworx. The session will be scheduled and conducted via a conference call and screen share. The session will be recorded. Those unable to attend the training session can view the recording or utilize “train-the-trainer” from those participants that attended.

6 – Transition and support

An acceptance test, reflecting your specific business requirements, will be conducted to ensure the Echoworx service configuration meets your business requirements and ready for production use. A test plan will be jointly developed and approved.

Echoworx will provide technical support to your Helpdesk team. Support will be transitioned from the Engagement Team to the Echoworx Support Desk.

What makes Echoworx different? Proof of concept trial ensures the right fit and easy configuration adjustments. Rapid deployment in less than a day with 100% hosted service and user-friendly interface. No extra resources needed – cloud-based platform offering eight secure delivery methods and full support.

Rated 5 out of 5

Rate highly in terms of engagement, customer service and responsiveness

"I would rate Echoworx very high in terms of engagement, customer service and responsiveness and supply of a great product."

— Information Security Architect in the Finance Industry

Rated 5 out of 5

Easy to work with

“As a tech person, I don’t have time for fluff. Echoworx cuts right to the chase – their product works and they’re easy to work with. Period."

— Manager of Development & Architecture in the Finance Industry

Rated 5 out of 5

Great product and excellent support

“Echoworx is a very customer centric organization and my overall experience has been very good. We have used them for the past 10 years and have never run into any major issues.”

— Principal Product Manager, Global Partner in the Manufacturing Industry

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