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Upgrade Infrastructure

A multinational North American bank teamed up with Echoworx to transition from on-premises to a dynamic cloud solution, tackling redundancy, reliability, and scalability. Echoworx ensured a seamless shift, addressing complex needs like hardware KMS and OpenID authentication. This evolved into a comprehensive managed service model, significantly reducing the bank’s total cost of ownership and enhancing its capabilities. The collaboration fostered continuous innovation, driving digital transformation and operational excellence.

  • Aging infrastructure lacked full redundancy and reliability.
  • Implement encryption without affecting sender experience.
  • Address stringent RFP and POC/POV requirements for modern banking, compliance, and regulations.
  • Manage product enhancement requests from RFP to Go Live phase.

  • Offers a comprehensive Cloud solution with high scalability and full redundancy.
  • Ensures seamless deployment, maintaining existing workflows for minimal employee resistance and enhanced convenience.
  • Provides tailored branding and language assistance in a flexible Portal.
  • Includes Cloud hardware KMS, OpenID authentication, advanced SIEM logging, and enhanced security features in the Admin Console.
  • Removes obsolete components.

  • Echoworx’s cloud encryption cuts costs, eliminated aging infrastructure, optimized operations, and improved efficiency.

Streamline Processes

The Project Manager at a leading Irish bank aimed to streamline customer documentation processes for efficiency and a seamless experience. The current Office 365 system, with its multiple steps and staff actions, including prompt emails and encrypted email service registration, presents challenges. The bank seeks to optimize this process, enabling easy, secure document exchange and improving staff and resource management.

  • Microsoft Purview doesn’t support shared folders.
  • Current process is cumbersome, requiring multiple steps.
  • Staff coordination is necessary.
  • Users must register for an encrypted email service to securely access and return requested documents.

  • Users can enjoy custom shared folders and reply to shared mailboxes using the reply-to feature.
  • Users can securely compose messages and attach sensitive files on any device without prompts from the organization.
  • Users can benefit from portal self-provisioning for secure communication without an initial ‘push’.
  • Users can effortlessly and securely communicate, staying connected and protecting sensitive information.

  • By simply composing a message and clicking “send”, a remarkable 63% increase in encryption adoption was achieved compared to the previous period.

Cloud-Based PGP Encryption

A leading UK retail bank with global outreach successfully transitioned from outdated on-premises PGP servers to advanced cloud-based encryption, thanks to a partnership with Echoworx. This strategic move not only enhanced their encryption capabilities and secure email communication but also improved certificate management and significantly reduced the burden on internal IT resources.

  • Merging multiple encryption systems after mergers.
  • High resource demand for key management.
  • Minimizing migration disruption with zero downtime.
  • Meeting GDPR and PECR regulations.
  • Updating from PGP encryption without losing user experience.
  • Adapting to diverse existing workflows.

  • Centralized, scalable cloud-based email encryption.
  • Centralized PGP key management.
  • Seamless PGP user transition.
  • No need for in-house encryption resources.
  • High availability cloud setup for volume handling.
  • Supports PDF, PGP, S/MIME, and more in 28 languages.
  • UK data residency for compliance.

  • The financial group transitioned from outdated servers to advanced cloud-based encryption with Echoworx, enhancing email security and certificate management while reducing IT burden. This modernization ensured regulatory compliance and set a new standard for efficiency and innovation.

Securely Send Office & PDF Attachments

A national agricultural organization sought to digitize and streamline operations, aiming to replace manual tasks with automation and eliminate costs tied to physical mail. Their goal was to securely send PDF and MS Office attachments directly to customers. Facing low adoption due to inconsistent experiences with manually created Secure ZIP files, they approached Echoworx for a solution.

  • The solution requires senders to manually encrypt DOC and PDF files, then send them as ZIP files via email to customers.
  • This process causes friction for both senders and recipients, leading to an inconsistent experience for recipients.

  • Automatically encrypts DOC and PDF attachments, eliminating the need for sender involvement and ensuring a consistent and fully branded experience.
  • Enhances security through password self-management.
  • Still offers ZIP support.

  • The national agricultural organization enhanced operations by automating attachment encryption with Echoworx’s self-serve Portal. This reduced helpdesk calls, saved resources, and improved the encryption process. The branded, device-accessible experience ensured secure, at-rest encryption and immediate message access. The scalable, compliant solution led to improved processes, innovative services, and better customer experiences.

Per-Message Encryption

Echoworx enhanced a Canadian healthcare provider’s communication through its “branding as a service” model, providing unique, cost-effective project branding that improved communications for drug trials. Its multi-tenant architecture enabled rapid brand creation, crucial for fast program launches, while ensuring healthcare regulation compliance. See how Echoworx enables flexible, efficient, and per-message encryption with features like multilingual support and passwordless authentication.

  • The existing solution limits branding to specific designated areas, permitting only one logo and a single brand color.
  • Regional and corporate customizations incur a high cost for additional security packs or design services.

  • Comprehensive control over branding and language preferences is enjoyed.
  • Communications are customized and prioritized with support for per-message, regional, and department-specific customizations.
  • Built-in support for 28 languages is accessed to cater to diverse communication needs.

  • The medication distributor utilized unlimited branding to establish a distinctive visual brand identity, enhancing relationships and differentiating itself from competitors. All the while, it eliminated the need for expensive security packs and design services, saving valuable resources and money.

Enhance Capacity and Scalability

A top 50 global bank’s messaging team encountered challenges with their e-statement system, struggling to encrypt over 1.6 million statements monthly across multiple languages and business units. They required a solution that could handle high volumes and offer multilingual support, centralized management, full branding control, and scalability for future growth. See how Echoworx’s solution, emphasizing both capacity and scalability, enables the bank to send millions of encrypted statements monthly, enhancing communication and reducing costs.

  • The current e-statement solution does not meet increasing business demands.
  • The system is overwhelmed, resulting in a backlog of over 1.6 million encrypted statements per month.
  • User management requires significant IT resources.
  • The solution lacks essential multilingual email support, crucial for the business.

  • Dynamically scales, handles high volume output.
  • Supports full integration with 28 languages.
  • Provides centralized management, branding control.
  • Consolidates into a single encryption platform.
  • Reduces in-house servers to 6 secure private cloud servers.
  • Minimizes downtime by leveraging self-service user management.

  • The bank now delivers millions of automated encrypted statements monthly, enhancing customer communication while cutting support and CAPEX costs. With over 100 million encrypted statements sent annually, mail flow remains unaffected. This collaboration allowed the institution to adapt and thrive, highlighting Echoworx’s dedication to innovation, partnership, and long-term success.

Cloud-Based Zip Encryption

A leading multinational bank in the EU and Asia-Pacific partnered with Echoworx to upgrade from outdated on-premises encryption to a cutting-edge cloud solution. By integrating modern, customizable encryption, they simplified content protection and password management. The move to cloud-based ZIP encryption and native encryption for PDF and Office formats boosted operational efficiency, compliance, and user experience. Echoworx’s solution enhances security and adds value for the financial sector.

  • Handling desktop software support across regions.
  • Manually managing/sharing passwords.
  • Lack of oversight for desktop ZIP encryption.
  • Non-standard security protocols for file monitoring and protection.
  • Cloud migration of encryption with minimal sender involvement.
  • Supporting hybrid high-capacity SEG and Exchange Servers.

  • Integrated high-capacity appliances with cloud-based encryption.
  • Supports full integration with 28 languages.
  • Moved ZIP encryption from desktop to cloud.
  • Implemented standard encryption for PDFs and office documents for compatibility and eliminated expensive software.
  • Supported encryption for PDFs, office documents, and ZIP files.
  • Secure password generation and sharing for confidential communication.

  • The Asia-Pacific Bank moved ZIP encryption to the cloud, improving efficiency and user experience. Introduced native encryption for PDF and Office formats, maintaining ZIP support, with standards-based encryption eliminating specialized software needs.

Ensure Global Branding Compliance

An established insurance company needed to quickly migrate important messages and documents across Europe, U.S., and Canada. They wanted to meet diverse language and regulatory needs, unify encryption services across subsidiaries, and fix TLS delivery issues. By teaming up with Echoworx, they ensured a smooth transition with reliable delivery and compliance through a scalable cloud-based solution.

  • Inefficiencies from diverse encryption technologies, driving up costs.
  • Urgent migration of three major brands to a unified encryption service.
  • Need for secure delivery of millions of encrypted bulk messages and automated customer service responses.
  • 3% TLS message failure rate and stringent compliance deadlines.
  • Email errors impacting staff productivity, necessitating streamlined resolution processes.

  • Custom branding for distinct domains to enhance trust and email open rates.
  • TLS secure delivery with an automatic fallback system.
  • User-friendly, secure branded portal for backup.
  • Scalable, cloud-based solution capable of handling high message volumes.

  • The global insurance company seamlessly merged multiple brands onto one encryption platform, streamlining operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and securing message distribution. With Echoworx’s support, the company achieved a smooth, self-managed user experience without additional costs or delays, efficiently handling millions of messages.

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