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The Power of Effective Encryption

Discover how our cloud solution makes protecting messages easy and fits right into the systems you already use. Read real stories of how it’s helped businesses do more with less, stay safe, control who sees what, simplify processes, and even go paperless. Transform how you work with secure emails. Download now to get started.


Streamline Processes

The Project Manager at a leading Irish bank aimed to streamline customer documentation processes for efficiency and a seamless experience. The current Office 365 system, with its multiple steps and staff actions, including prompt emails and encrypted email service registration, presents challenges. The bank seeks to optimize this process, enabling easy, secure document exchange and improving staff and resource management.

Cloud-Based PGP Encryption

A leading UK retail bank, in partnership with Echoworx, upgraded from old PGP servers to advanced cloud-based encryption, boosting security and efficiency. This strategic move, enhancing secure email and certificate management, reduced IT workload and ensured regulatory compliance. Echoworx’s customized and automated solutions set a new standard for innovation in encryption practices.

Securely Send Office & PDF Attachments

A national agricultural organization sought to digitize and streamline operations, aiming to replace manual tasks with automation and eliminate costs tied to physical mail. Their goal was to securely send PDF and MS Office attachments directly to customers. Facing low adoption due to inconsistent experiences with manually created Secure ZIP files, they approached Echoworx for a solution.

Per-Message Encryption

Echoworx enhanced a Canadian healthcare provider’s communication through its “branding as a service” model, providing unique, cost-effective project branding that improved communications for drug trials. Its multi-tenant architecture enabled rapid brand creation, crucial for fast program launches, while ensuring healthcare regulation compliance. See how Echoworx enables flexible, efficient, and per-message encryption with features like multilingual support and passwordless authentication.

Enhance Capacity and Scalability

A top 50 global bank’s messaging team encountered challenges with their e-statement system, struggling to encrypt over 1.6 million statements monthly across multiple languages and business units. They required a solution that could handle high volumes and offer multilingual support, centralized management, full branding control, and scalability for future growth. See how Echoworx’s solution, emphasizing both capacity and scalability, enables the bank to send millions of encrypted statements monthly, enhancing communication and reducing costs.

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