How Email Encryption Works Using Echoworx

Business communication is complex for companies of all sizes. Echoworx offers a cloud-based email encryption platform designed to work with today’s digital business landscape. Compatible with any SEG, DLP, SIEM, or workflow, it integrates easily. Enjoy custom branding, easy message access, and superior user experience. Let’s get started!

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Your DLP determines “What” to encrypt and the Echoworx Email Encryption platform defines the unmatched “How”.

Integrating Customizable Encryption

  • Echoworx sits alongside your deployed email systems, on-premises or in the cloud.
  • A TLS 1.2 or higher connection between Echoworx and your organization guarantees secure exchange.
  • Messages requiring encryption are directed from you to Echoworx.
  • It is here that Echoworx stands out; providing a wide range of delivery, authentication, and branding experiences for everyone.
  • See how you can seamlessly integrate Echoworx with your current tools.

Ensuring Optimal User Experience

Echoworx makes it super easy to add secure communication to your business, no matter what your encryption needs are. With robust and comprehensive encryption options, you get effortless one-click encryption for senders and simple, self-service account management for recipients.

  • Advanced Encryption Methods: Ensure complete data protection with cutting-edge encryption technologies.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy seamless integration and a user-friendly interface designed for easy adoption.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Device Support: Communicate securely with anyone, anywhere, with support for 28 languages and nine authentication options.
  • Brand-Friendly: Make sure your messaging matches your brand perfectly, covering all departments and services across all delivery methods.

Experience easy and reliable security with Echoworx, keeping your communications safe without the hassle.

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Ensuring Strong Encryption and Auditable Security

Echoworx takes encryption to the next level, using cutting-edge cryptographic standards to keep your sensitive info secure. Forget about worries with proprietary algorithms or outdated methods.

  • Advanced Cryptographic Standards: Safeguard sensitive data with state-of-the-art encryption.
  • Robust Auditability: Maintain compliance and monitor user activity effortlessly with API SIEM integration.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate with DKIM/DMARC and SIEM systems for real-time access and monitoring.

Enjoy complete control and peace of mind with Echoworx, ensuring your communications are secure and compliant.

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Guaranteeing Privacy and Security

Echoworx goes the extra mile to ensure your data is protected. They rigorously evaluate and audit every part of their operations to uphold the highest security standards. Their commitment is reflected in their impressive certifications.

  • AICPA/CICA WebTrust Assurance.
  • SOC2 Audit.
  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certification.
  • CCS G-Cloud 13.
  • Microsoft and Apple Root Member Certifications.

Rest easy knowing that Echoworx has your back when it comes to privacy and security.

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Ensuring Swift Implementation and Smooth Updates

Echoworx makes rolling out our cutting-edge cloud-based email encryption platform a breeze. It fits right into your existing email setup—no extra software, hardware, or training needed.

  • Seamless integration with existing email systems.
  • No additional software or hardware required.
  • User-friendly interface with minimal training required.
  • Dedicated Engagement Managers.

You’ll get top-notch support from the dedicated Engagement Managers, who provide technical assistance, project help, and account management. The team ensures everything goes smoothly and set you up for success.

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