Echoworx Mail Flow Overview

Created with the future of digital business in mind, Echoworx’s ability to seamlessly integrate with your existing security and data privacy tools gets you fast access to advanced branding and streamlined access for next level protection.

Watch this four minute overview of how Echoworx Email Encryption mail flow works and how it stands out from other solutions.

Topics featured in this video demo:

Echoworx’s solution integrates with organizational workflows by encrypting messages at the boundary using TLS, eliminating the need for additional software on endpoints. Messages leaving the organization are tagged for encryption either manually or automatically through policies like DLP or PII, ensuring secure transmission. Echoworx’s policy engine allows for customizable encryption methods based on business requirements, offering flexibility in encryption types such as TLS, PGP, or portal delivery. Encrypted messages are transformed using S/MIME encryption for portal delivery, backed by HSM for enhanced security against data exfiltration.

Notifications are sent to senders upon message encryption, providing visibility into how messages are encrypted and enabling recall if necessary. Echoworx’s unique functionality allows messages to be delivered through multiple channels simultaneously, ensuring optimal delivery based on recipient capabilities and policy controls. Outbound communications are delivered directly through customers’ SMTP servers, providing transparency for journaling and archiving purposes. Inbound communications are securely routed back through Echoworx using TLS, maintaining mail hygiene flow while encrypting communications between the cloud and internal users’ inboxes, ensuring both security and ease of deployment.

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