Notice To Customers

This notice applies to all customers (each, a “Customer”) who are currently receiving encrypted email services (the “Service”) from Echoworx.

From time-to-time Echoworx may add functionality to the Service or improve the functionality of the Service (“New Functionality”). New Functionality may be provided as a result of Echoworx’s maintenance of the Echoworx software that enables the Service. However, where the New Functionality is enabled by linking or integrating the Service with third party technology or services that Customer may use or subscribe to (the “Third Party Services”), Echoworx is not responsible for any downtime, errors, impairment, or delays of any kind that may be attributable to the Third-Party Services nor for any downtime, impaired availability, or delayed availability of the Third-Party Services themselves. Echoworx is responsible only for the promises that it has made to Customer in the applicable Service Order(s).

The conditions of this Notice to Customers are conditions of Echoworx’s providing links to or integration with Third Party Services and are binding on Customer if Customer avails itself of the Third-Party Services as linked with Echoworx’s Service.