Echoworx Launches Full Integration of OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Users

New product update seamlessly integrates encryption into the Office 365 Outlook on the web environment

Toronto, ON – 10 January, 2017 – Echoworx, makers of OneWorld, the first smart platform for message encryption, today announced the full integration of OneWorld Encryption for Office 365. Building on OneWorld’s encryption capabilities with Office 365 desktop, the product update integrates the same capabilities into the Outlook web environment. This integration provides customers with flexibility and control that is cloud-based and consistent across multi-channels.

OneWorld Encryption with Office 365 Outlook on the web integration builds on Echoworx’s previous integration with Office 365 desktop, expanding the features across web and mobile browsers for a seamless user experience in the cloud-based platform. Whether utilizing a tablet or smartphone to access Office 365 Outlook on the web, senders and recipients are provided with simple, one-click message encrypt, recall, and pickup. Secure attachments are easily viewed with a PDF reader or any iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows mobile browser.

“Our daily email communications are constantly shifting from web to mobile and back again, and our new update creates a seamless, easy way for users to secure their messages across these various devices,” said Michael Ginsberg, President and CEO of Echoworx. “As Microsoft continues to innovate around the Office 365 platform, we will continue to innovate with new security solutions that allow customers to have a consistent encryption experience across the Office 365 environment.”

As more organizations adopt cloud-based platforms, OneWorld Encryption with full integration for Office 365 users is Echoworx’s response to the growing need for more secure communications across multi-channels as our workforce becomes increasingly mobile. Along with policy-based encryption, OneWorld Encryption with Office 365 Outlook on the web integration provides additional functionality that enables users to select different encryption methods – empowering consumers to be in control of their security preferences.

“OneWorld Encryption for Office 365 Outlook on the web leverages Microsoft’s framework to create a user-friendly solution that gives consumers the flexibility and security they need to confidently email in a browser-based environment,” Ginsberg said. “This new solution empowers users to choose their encryption preferences no matter their device and in every environment to accommodate today’s mobile workforce.”

Along with advanced user encryption preferences and flexibility across devices, OneWorld for Office 365 Outlook on the web provides dynamic branding features that are easily and quickly setup using a web-based console. This provides a customizable experience for admins, users and recipients.

OneWorld Encryption with Office 365 Outlook on the web integration is now available. For more information, visit


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