Enable Inbound Encryption


Inbound Encryption

Stop sensitive content filtering
from blocking your incoming emails.


  • Email filtering servers are blocking or deleting inbound messages containing sensitive data.
  • Email filtering servers are accepting inbound messages containing sensitive data in clear-text.


You can’t control what your clients and customers send you, but you can control how you receive it. Various compliance and regulatory bodies require all sensitive data to be encrypted and protected on your servers, regardless of who sent it. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) compliance requirements, for example, require that sensitive data, like credit cards, cannot be saved in clear-text on any part of your network. Other rules related to PCI compliance are dictated by the PCI SSC.

Here’s how encryption can help with PCI compliance.

The OneWorld encryption platform leverages its Web Portal secure delivery option to ensure all inbound mail containing sensitive information is encrypted on arrival – meaning no messages are undeliverable or stored on your servers in clear-text.

Inbound messages are flagged as containing sensitive or personal data as defined through policy filters set up by your organization. These sensitive messages are then routed automatically through the OneWorld web portal, where they are subsequently encrypted. All of this is done before the messages enter your network.

Learn more about OneWorld’s Web Portal encryption.

Intended internal recipients of a sensitive message at your organization are sent a notification via email and are provided with a link to the secure web portal. Through the web portal, these internal users can view the encrypted message and are prompted to authenticate its origin using their email address and password. Upon authentication, the message can be read.

Once the message has been authenticated, further secure correspondence between the customer and the internal recipient may be performed through the OneWorld web portal. In addition to ensuring sensitive information remains in an encrypted environment, communicating via the OneWorld web portal ensures user experience is consistent for both sender and recipient.

Learn more about how inbound encryption works using OneWorld.


  • Emails with sensitive information identified through email filtering are securely routed to the OneWorld web portal and encrypted.
  • Notification of incoming messages sent to email with link to the web portal or an attached secure PDF.
  • Log into portal for authentication or enter PDF password.
  • Read secure incoming message and secure reply.

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