Enable Inbound Encryption


Inbound Encryption

Stop sensitive content filtering
from blocking your incoming emails.


  • Email filtering servers block or delete sensitive incoming messages.
  • Inbound sensitive email is being stored in clear-text.


The OneWorld encryption platform leverages its web portal delivery option to ensure your incoming emails containing confidential information are encrypted as they arrive.

PCI requirements mandate that sensitive information, like credit card numbers, must not be saved in clear-text on your network. Incoming sensitive messages identified through policy filtering are automatically routed to the OneWorld web portal and encrypted.

Your employees are notified of incoming messages via email and are provided a link to the web portal, where they can authenticate and view the secure incoming messages.


  • Emails with sensitive information identified through email filtering are securely routed to the OneWorld web portal and encrypted.
  • Notification of incoming messages sent to email with link to the web portal or an attached secure PDF.
  • Log into portal for authentication or enter PDF password.
  • Read secure incoming message and secure reply.

Ready to enable inbound encryption for PCI?