Echoworx Encryption Delivery Options

Echoworx offers eight secure delivery options, to ensure seamless communication. Making it easy to share protected email and documents with anyone. In this overview, Echoworx VP Customer Engineering walks you through our eight secure delivery options. Watch to learn more.

Topics featured in this video demo:

Echoworx offers three encryption categories: Direct, Push, and Pull (Portal). Direct encryption employs certificate-based methods like TLS, PGP, and S/MIME. Push technology delivers content securely without needing specialized decryption software, while Pull (Portal) offers a web inbox experience with secure authentication options.

Sender experience is streamlined with automated or manual tagging and optional Add-ins for email clients like Outlook or Gmail. These enhance functionality with features such as message expiry, specific delivery methods, and sender-set passwords. Notifications keep senders informed about encryption and delivery status for better control and security.

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