ESG Technical Validation: Echoworx Email Encryption

User-focused Email Encryption for the Enterprise

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Source: ESG Technical Validation, Echoworx Email Encryption, January 2023.

Organizations across industries are working to digitally transform their businesses. Providing a better and more differentiated customer experience is a critical goal. Email encryption is often addressed in digital transformation initiatives as most solutions often sacrifice experience for the sake of security, leading to frustration and lack of adoption.

TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) has written this technical report detailing the evaluation of Echoworx’ capabilities to protect information sent via email by focusing on their user experience, flexibility, and extensive branding and language support.

Download this ESG technical validation to learn more and to share with colleague’s to spark conversations!

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Security Assurance & Certification Programs

  • Echoworx is a Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • FSQS Registered
  • Microsoft Trusted Root Program
  • Apple Certificate Program