Managing Echoworx Email Encryption

Explore the key aspects of managing the Echoworx email encryption platform. Gain insights into elastic scaling, adhering to SLAs, driving growth, and cost management. Learn about self-service, administrative requirements, real-time monitoring, and more. This session is perfect for IT Managers aiming to streamline their enterprise’s communication processes. Discover practical advice on integration, compliance, and efficient management. Watch now!

| 50 mins

Join Echoworx as we dive deep into the management and administration of the Echoworx email encryption platform. In today's challenging economy, achieving elastic scaling, adhering to SLAs, driving growth, and managing costs effectively are crucial. Perfect for anyone ready to take on the challenge of implementing or running an email encryption solution and seeking clarity on integration, compliance, and effective management.

What we’ll cover:

  • An overview of managing and setting up your Echoworx service.
  • Deep dive into Self-Service options, Administrative requirements, and the roles both you and Echoworx play in support.
  • A look into the real-time web, 24/7 monitoring, automated scheduled reporting, and integrated SIEM logging options.
  • Insight into Echoworx Audit Logs, BYOK/CYOK, and deploying the Outlook Add-In using M365.
  • Exploring Echoworx’s Administration Roadmap for future planning.

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