Tech Talk: Authentication for Secure Email

The things you didn't know you didn't know.

Finger pressing on screen for authentication

There are more ways to authenticate users now than ever before

We’re often asked, “Which authentication methods should I use?”

The short answer: You have choices.

The right mix of authentication methods will be different for every organization,  and might change over time based on your activities, users and changing requirements.

In this webcast Derek Christiansen, PMP-certified Engagement Manager, of Echoworx, explains the features and importance of the different authentication methods available and how you can customize the process at a granular level, without impacting their day to day or burdening IT.

  • Explore what each method has to offer
  • Consider the issues and opportunities
  • Learn how to choose the right methods for your diverse users and all their different needs

Authentication for Secure Email Without Impacting Productivity

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