Trends Shaping the Future of Email Encryption Access

A new study exploring the trends surrounding access to encrypted email and documents, commissioned by Echoworx and conducted by Pulse.QA (Gartner)

Future of Email Encryption Access

As workplaces digitize and become dispersed, changing business cases demand modernization of sharing and access. Making something as easy as reading a secured email cumbersome can be detrimental to a secure communications process.

Echoworx and Gartner PeerInsights surveyed 100 tech leaders to understand the issues surrounding social logins and biometric authentication methods specifically for access to encrypted emails.

This survey aims to understand how IT leaders can create secure message exchange processes that improve security and the user experience.

When assessing their authentication process, most IT and security decision-makers consider… continue reading. Download the study →

Graph displaying that Most leaders say (44%) the greatest source of frustration is the number of steps required.

Start Giving Your Users Choices

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